Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Questions from Blog Readers 5

As I said, I'm wrapping up my blog soon! Here are more questions from blog readers.

Q: How do you keep such an optimistic attitude?
A: I tend to be optimistic by nature, but I get negative and angry like everyone else. I just cut it out of my online content, so no one sees it. Have you seen my commentary outtake videos? I cut out all the outakes where I swear loudly, because I messed up.

I tend to be happier and more enthusiastic in my online life, in general. Most of that is acting. In real life, people tend to think I'm unfriendly, partially because I'm shy/introverted, and I normally don't approach other people on my own. My wife says I have Resting [Bad Word] Face, which doesn't help.

Q:  How do you plan on raising your family as Christians? In the modern age with easy access to obscenity, pornography, and all of these loud distractions, what is your advice about blocking it out? (Sorry if the question came out a bit heavy or awkward—I just know you are very devout to your faith and I respect your wisdom about religious and serious topics.)

A: Three words are coming to mind: example, honesty and love. You need to set a good example for your children, because the life of the parents is the book that children learn from. If you check your phone all the time, your children will think that's normal behavior. I struggle with that, to the point where I had to delete most of my apps on my phone, just to remove the temptation of me playing games all day. I fell back into the phone trap recently, when I installed Fire Emblem Heroes.

Honesty is our strategy with tough subjects. We respect our kids enough to tell them the truth and provide them with all the facts, so they can make the right judgments. I don't think lying to them helps, even if done with the noble intention of trying to protect them. And of course, love is important in all aspects of family life, as it lifts us out of ourselves and draws us deeper into a connection with the divine.

Q: I only knew of the Voltage dating sim game you played that got you copyright strikes, but you said you played “a bunch”. What other ones did you play?

A: Be My Princess, My Sweet Bodyguard, My Forged Wedding. I played demos for Kissed by the Baddest Bidder and My Wedding and Seven Rings. I forget the names of other ones I played, but there was one at a magic school which was sort of like Harry Potter. It was a free game, if that narrows it down a bit!

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Anonymous said...

I know you're about to tie up your blog for good, but I thought I might as well try posting some questions I've procrastinated on asking.

Do you reckon you'll get around to reading the Nancy Drew On Campus series?

Does Mary read any of the various ND series yet?

Can you give us any hints on what you're cosy mystery is going to be about?*

What's your opinion on violence/misogyny and sexual content in video games and how it influences (particularly younger) players? Do you think it's something valid that needs to be addressed more, or do you believe there is too much credit given to the impact of these themes in games? I'd be interested in any thoughts you have regarding this subject. (I understand this question is a biggie and may be too much to answer.)

Sad to see the blog coming to an end. Thank you for all those entries for so many years!

*By the way, I hear the Garage Sale Mystery series by Sherry Harris is a good cosy mystery series. (There's a series of the same name but by Suzi Weinert which has a grittier and darker tone as well.)