Wednesday, May 9, 2018

PC Games

The only videogames I was unable to sell were my PC games, because game stores don't take those. Here's a list of the PC games I have. Do you think any of them are valuable enough to be worth selling on eBay? If not, I should probably just throw them out.

  • McKenzie & Co
  • Detective Barbie 1
  • Detective Barbie 2
  • Hardy Boys: The Hidden Theft
  • Hardy Boys: The Perfect Crime
  • Agatha Christie Adventure Game 3-pack
  • Agatha Christie Hidden Objects Game 4-pack
  • Number Munchers
  • Chaos: A Fantasy Adventure Game
  • Detective Barbie 3 (PS3) -- Not a PC game! What is it doing here?
  • Kwirk (GB) -- Also not a PC game! What is it doing here?
  • Pajama Sam Lost and Found
  • Infinity City
  • Gizmos and Gadgets
  • Math Blaster Mystery: The Great Brain Robbery
  • 3D Pinball Creep Night
  • 3D Pinball the Lost Continent
  • Star Trek: Deep Space Nine: Harbinger
  • Lost In Time (a Sierra Adventure game)
  • Grammar Games
  • Myst
  • The Pagemaster
  • Treasure Mathstorm
Also, let me know if I should walkthrough one of these games; I've done walkthroughs for some, but not all of them. That Sierra Adventure game sounds neat!


Elentarien said...

Personally, I think you should play/walkthrough both Lost in Time and Myst. Lost in Time I would LOVE to see again. I have it as well, but had trouble getting it to run in the old days. (our system at the time was a weird one. Not great for gaming.) It was an interesting game and it would be interesting to watch you play it. Myst. . .yeah, I'd like to see you play that one as well. It's a slower/quieter game, so you might need to bring 'chat' topics, but it would be a good playthrough/walkthrough, as would its newer sequels. (The second one which I have not yet made it through. lol)

None of the others appeal to me, however, I'd definitely check them out on ebay before trashing them. If you *do* consider trashing them, perhaps consider putting them up on a local facebook garage-sale group or freecycle before flat out trashing, them, though? Other people in your area might appreciate being able to try them. You probably won't GET anything for them, but passing things on is always better than it going into a landfill. :)

Stripes said...

Yeah, maybe you could give them to a charity shop instead of trashing them.

Ashton Smith said...

I agree with Myst and Lost in Time. I love the Sierra games. The Quest for Glory series is my all-time favorite.

Anonymous said...

McKenzie and Co seems to be worth a decent amount opened.

Aaron M. Fugate said...

Have you ever played any of the Tradewinds games?

Anonymous said...

McKenzie and Co is worth something to other Nancy Drew collectors/might be worth keeping due to it being a precursor to Nancy Drew (if you ever want to do a master review of Her Interactive's games). Agatha Christie and Star Trek games appeal to fans of those series. Kwirk if it is the original box is worth some money. Sierra games are only creeping up in value lately so it worth checking the price on that one. Myst is worth money if it is the "big box" edition, but not jewelcase.

Don't throw them away! I collect old PC games and go to a certain thrift store that has a lot of them, and there are other people that enjoy that to. What I would say is if any of the games are worth more than $10-$20, than it may be worth putting it on ebay. If its less than that donate it to a charity thrift.

Anonymous said...

Did Youtube previously take down your Agatha Christie games? I would like to see a gameplay of those!

Samuel Ferguson said...

I don't know about Myst but I've seen most of the rrest of those on Amazon. You could sell them there.

Unknown said...
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Huw Miller said...

I would gladly buy McKenzie & Co. for the right price! I think I saw a while ago that you had the extension for it also?