Saturday, May 19, 2018

Nancy Drew Book Ideas

People say my last blog should be about Nancy Drew, so here are some ideas for Nancy Drew books! You might know I sent my resume to the publishers over two months ago, but I never heard back from them. But if I had heard back from them, I probably would have pitched these books:

1. The Sitcom Sabotage. The most recent Nancy Drew Diaries book mentioned Packed House, an obvious allusion to Fuller House. Even if it was a one-off joke, I want to see more of it. Let's say there has been sabotage on-set, and they've asked Nancy to solve the mystery. Pretty typical setup for a Nancy Drew book. There are lots of characters, I could have fun with an actor whose personality doesn't match their character at all, and the culprit is obviously the Olsen twins.

2. High School Mystery. Unlike every other series, Nancy Drew is officially a high school student in Nancy Drew Diaries. Multiple books have referenced this fact. I think we should get a full-blown high school mystery, one that takes place entirely in school. Let's say Nancy (or one of her friends) is accused of stealing the answer booklet to the SATs, and Nancy has to prove their innocence by finding the real thief. Or someone egged the Principal's house, or Deirdre Shannon is spreading mean gossip about Nancy, or whatever. I just think it'd be interesting to explore the River Heights High School setting, because this is the only series where she's in high school.

3. Sequel Book. I'd do a book which is a sequel to one of the popular games. In Return to Shadow Ranch, Nancy goes back to Shadow Ranch and solves a new mystery, probably either the "Nancy finds someone's long-lost father" or "Nancy helps a poor orphan girl" storyline that was cut out of the game / rewrite of the book. Also, I'd include some love drama with Dave Gregory, because how could you not?

I also like the idea of revisiting Blackmoor Manor, with an adult Jane Penvellyn. That would also be awesome. Say Jane is being haunted by visions of her witch ancestor, Elinor, or Mrs. Drake revealed a big family secret on her deathbed. I know Treasure in the Royal Tower is consistently in people's "top three Nancy Drew games" list, but I don't think anything there is worth revisiting; they did a pretty good job of wrapping everything up neatly.


Anonymous said...

I will miss this blog. Good luck on whatever you pursue, Michael!

Ella said...

I will miss this blog so much, but all good things must come to an end. Good luck with YouTube, fatherhood, and whatever else life throws at you!

Anonymous said...

I'm afraid we can't have a sequel to Blackmoor Manor with a grown-up Jane. If she grows up, there is no way Nancy can stay a teenager..

Sally Dollar said...

Sorry to see you leave your blog, but I understand. Thank you for your years of blogging fun. I hope to see more Nancy Drew, cooking, or "Arglefumph Talk" vlogs on Youtube soon!

Trisha Gaurav said...

I like the alliteration in Sitcom Sabotage.

Didn’t Secrets Can Kill take place in Nancy’s school? I guess what you’re saying is one that takes place ENTIRELY in school.

A sequel to a game would be interesting. Not sure it would be legal, though.

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