Friday, May 18, 2018

Katherine Applegate Book Signing

This is amazing, everyone! Katherine Applegate did a book signing in my area! She's best known as the author of The One and Only Ivan (a Newberry award winner that is being made into a movie) and the Animorphs series.

I was shocked when she casually mentioned that she wrote a bunch of Sweet Valley Twins books! I have reviewed three Sweet Valley Twins books. Not by choice! I was commissioned to do these reviews, through Patreon.

So I basically had to ask her which books she wrote. She says she's pretty much blocked those books out of her memory, except Jessica's Secret. The Internet says she wrote 17 Sweet Valley books in total. I told her the names of the three books I reviewed (Boys Against Girls, Center of Attention and Booster Boycott). She remembered hearing the title Booster Boycott before, but she doesn't think she wrote it.

She agreed that $10 is not enough money, for me to review one of those books, and she laughingly apologized for the series. This is such an amazing, special moment. I am speechless.

I thought I would be cute, so I brought a copy of See You In September for her to sign. That's an obscure YA romance book from the 90's; it has four short stories from different authors. She said she hadn't seen the book in decades, and she wasn't sure she even has a copy. It would be amazing if I could get the other authors to sign it! I know the one author (Ellen Conford) stopped writing a long time ago; it turns out that she died in 2015. But maybe I could hunt down the other authors at book signings, somehow.

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