Monday, May 14, 2018

Current Projects

What's the status on my current projects?
  • The Courting of Miss Bennet is now second-to-next on the Hosted Games publishing list! Even though this isn't official, or a release date,not an official release date
  • I'm almost done with the store page for Mermaid Mission Titanic, and the deadline I gave the testers is coming up soon. Hopefully the testers will all meet the deadline, and hopefully, it won't take long for me to go from the final test build to a completed build. (I'm a little wary about the programming for achievements...)
  • Stay-at-Home Detective has been sent to a publisher for submission.
  • I didn't hear back from the publisher that I sent my pitch for The Works of Saint Patrick. Oh well! I guess I can try another publisher.
I wrote this on 5/6/18, and I'm sure the statuses have changed by now. As I've said before, I'm going to use these projects as a gauge for what future projects to pick up. If self-publishing games is a bust, I won't do it any more. If The Courting of Miss Bennet is a hit, I'll try another game in that style.