Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Questions from Blog Readers 4

My wife and I did not do Engaged Encounter. The Archdiocese of Portland in Oregon offers two options for engaged couples: a weekend retreat and a series of classes. They mostly cover the same material, as I understand it. My wife and I went with the series of classes. I have my Amazon account set up to support the Catholic Engaged Encounter of Oregon, though.

For married couples who aren't having any difficulties but who enjoy growing closer together, I would recommend Teams of Our Lady. That's what my wife and I do. I've also heard good things about Marriage Encounter. At the very least, the local Teams of Our Lady group will have a list of every marriage retreat going on in your area, for the next year. They also have plenty of materials available, so you and your spouse can do your own marriage retreat, if that works better for you.

I miss the weather in California, because it rains all the bloody time in Oregon, whereas it's sunny in California. I decided to move to Portland, because it was one of the two places I liked best, when I did a road trip of the United States. I knew someone renting a house in the area, so that was what tipped the scales in Oregon's favor.

My favorite thing about Oregon is the fact that we have no sales tax. The food is good, too.

I went through a phase where I did a bunch of dating sims from Voltage. They helped inform my character decisions, when I wrote Cat President, which is obviously my favorite dating sim of all time.


Anonymous said...

You went on a road trip? Tell me about it, I’d love to hear!

I only knew of the Voltage dating sim game you played that got you copyright strikes, but you said you played “a bunch”. What other ones did you play?

Anonymous said...

what was the other place you most liked when doing your road trip? did you have a least favorite? how many places did you go?

Anonymous said...

Question: will you be my clue crew pen pal, or do you already have one?