Saturday, April 7, 2018

Questions From Blog Readers 1

I got several questions on Thursday's blog post. Let me try to answer them!

First, several questions about Rosie. I have purposely avoided talking about baby Rosie online, recently. That's because I was warned to never post anything about her publicly, for safety reasons. Even though I'm a very minor online celebrity, it's still probably for the best that I protect my family and leave them out of things. I was reluctant to post the recent video of Rosie dancing, but I let that one go through, because it's too adorable. It's probably going to be the last video with her, though.

But I'll give you a Rosie update. Rosie has stopped looking like my clone, and now we're at the point where all my family members say she looks like me, and all my wife's family members say she looks like my wife. She can eat almost anything now, and she's somewhat competent at using a spoon. She prefers to eat with her hands. Her vocabulary is still limited to about three words--"Hi", "Mama" and "Dada"--but she's very vocal, especially when she's hungry. She is a flirt, and she likes getting attention from strangers, especially at the grocery store. The only time she gets shy is when she's in a group of other toddlers. Then she likes to hide behind me.

I am planning to finish the Nancy Drew Games Reviews series, once I complete the Everything Wrong With series. At that point, I plan to do an "official" top ten best/worst games video. I also plan to finish the Shipping Wars series, after doing Everything Wrong With. I don't know why, but I seem unable to do Everything Wrong With, at the same time as another series.

I don't have any behind-the-scenes information about Nancy Drew games, actually. When I said Lani Minella was frustrated by the vegetables puzzle in Secret of Shadow Ranch, I was parroting information from the interview she did in a video on the Her Interactive YouTube channel.

Do I accept game suggestions? Yes, I do! Actually, I recently posted my list of games that I want to look into. My list of games that people have recommended to me is about three times as long as that one. Black Mirror, Secret Files, and Syberia are all on it, with Secret Files being closer to the top.

I'll answer more questions tomorrow.


Kaylee Roberts said...

Hi Michael! I remember you mentioning in one of your Nancy Drew videos earlier this year that you were considering doing another Mega Marathon (I can’t remember exactly which video it was when you said this). Is this something you’re still considering? That would be a lot of fun!

Waffletoastwich said...

Hi Michael!

I agree with your decision to stop publicly posting videos of Rosie and your family for safety reasons. It is probably for the best and their safety. But I'm happy to hear that Rosie is doing well!