Monday, April 23, 2018

Phantom of Venice Speedrun 5

Yesterday, I thought of two options for the game. You can do the Samantha Quick stuff first, which lets you do both microdots at the same time later, or you can do the two microdots separately, which lets you get the Samantha Quick disguise and the bugging materials at the same time.

With the first one, you save yourself a trip from Enrico's to the Ca. With the second, you save yourself a trip from the dance studio to the ATM. Okay, there's no contest between these two. The dance studio to the ATM is over twice as long as Enrico's to the Ca'. We're doing both microdots separately.

I went through the 15 minutes of the game, where Margherita responds to Nancy's excuse for using binoculars. If you say you're spying on someone, the conversations take 57 seconds. Bird watching is 1:09.51. Studying the architecture is 1:09:23. Clearly, you should tell Margherita that you're a spy!

After you look at the first microdot, you can call Sophia about it. If you don't, she automatically calls you. Nancy apologizes when Sophia auto-calls, which is a time difference of 3.27 seconds. So make sure YOU call Sophia!

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