Monday, April 9, 2018

Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen

I am now accepting suggestions for "Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: Tomb of the Lost Queen". Leave them as a comment on this blog post. Here's a video of me playing the game, to refresh your memory:

I know some people dislike this game for introducing a new interface, but I personally like it. A larger screen with no black bars? Yes! That's worth the inventory being put in a different spot.


Anonymous said...

Maybe aliens did build that tomb because how in the world else could the ancient Egyptians build those complicated puzzles like moving pillars and such.

The rock puzzle. It's literally guessing until you died 7 times to finally get it right.

Amy Christine said...

The new interface took me awhile to get used to but I enjoyed the game mostly because of the story and some puzzles. 😀

I don't think there is a problem in this game beside the culprit giveaway too early and this is all I can think of for now!

Elizabeth Riepenhoff said...

The ending of this game is always super weird to me no matter how many times I play it. We're sort of led to believe that Lily is the culprit at one point, then all of the sudden Abdullah is the big culprit...I understand he's kind of a jerk overall, and has some serious delusions of grandeur, but that still throws me off every time. He just disappears, and we're told, "It's Abdullah! Nancy, run to safety!" And then Jon LITERALLY COMES OUT OF NOWHERE I MEAN SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HECK IS THAT?! (Please correct me if I'm remembering this incorrectly.)

Also, the pillar/column puzzle is a pain and I always have to look up the solution.

Anonymous said...

not being able to skip the super long conversations with hotchkiss was kind of annoying

Anonymous said...

The whole game I thought Dylan was dying I was so worried!!!!

Also Jamila moving all the time
I had no idea where she went

Also if you play Shattered Medallion BEFORE this game, you missed a lot. This may be "everything wrong with Shattered Medallion," but I was so lost. I don't like that they based a game partly off of an earlier game. I don't think most people play them in order. Also (unrelated, sorry) that makes Ransom of the Seven ships very annoying if you hadn't played stfd. It was a similar problem

Abdullah doesn't see Nancy climb the columns

How do the columns move anyway

Also I used to take the pickaxe and pretend to hit Abdullah in the head with it all the time, but then after you used the pickaxe it took it out of your inventory. What a shame

Anonymous said...

Lily's necklace

Creepy Abdullah calling me darling

Looks like everybody drinks from the same cup that's attached to the water container, yuck!!

Abdullah compares me to his ex-wife, what a jerk!

(to be continued)

Max LeRoy said...

Yay!! Where to begin...

* Everyone but Jamilla is a jerk
* The mystery of who attacked Dr. Boyle is dropped at the very beginning, not brought until the end, and is not clearly resolved
* Nancy cannot call Ned to dump him for Dylan
* The rock puzzle
* Nancy can stand in the ending sandstorm for 20 minutes on the phone with Bess, but can die drinking water
* Nobody questioned or investigated Lily's background besides Nancy
* Everybody else on the site leaves, so Her Interactive can save on animation
* At the end, Abdullah suddenly arrives at the exit, while Dr. Boyle suddenly appears, with no explination
* Dylan gets a free pass for selling antiques on the black market

Kay Collins said...

*The Scarab puzzle.

*The Senet game.

*When the water tank was sabotaged, did nobody think to bring extra water just in case of an accident or something? Everyone's gonna die of dehydration.

*After a number of appearances, Professor Hotchkiss has yet to remember Nancy's name. Sounds to me like she's pulling a Laurie.

*The tunnels inside the tomb are quite confusing. It feels like you're walking around in circles.

*Lily's crush on Dylan.

*Lily is absolutely rude to Nancy. I felt that she deserved no mercy at all.

*With all that thrashing around, I'm surprised that the cobra didn't manage to escape. Then again, where would it go?

*The puzzle involving Lily's trunk and finding a way to open. Nobody has time to unlock a trunk like that!

Anonymous said...

Abdullah, who is supposed to be the best archeologist ever, keeps staring at the wall behind him for hours, maybe even days and can't figure out what it says. Nancy comes in with her trusty dictionary and translates the hieroglyphs in a second.

The Red Wolf said...

Overall, I enjoyed the game and found it challenging but enough to drive me crazy like Shadow at the Water's Edge and Thorton Hall.

One thing that doesn't make sense is the ending with Jamilla giving Nancy the key to the secret entrance.

How is that Lily found the secret passage before Nancy (when Nancy finds footprints and the rhinestone from Lily's sunglasses). Did she and Abdullah start the avalanche that got Dylan?

Nancy goes to the first tomb she opened many times, but if you don't think to open the sarcophagus after having solved all the puzzles, you miss what I thought was a crucial clue, that is, that someone is staging the area. And you miss Nancy's being startled and the phone conversation with Jon.

Sam Eley said...

omg that daughters and sons names puzzle took me like a day

Josh M said...

Nancy dies after drinking water 8 times