Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy

I am now accepting suggestions for "Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: The Silent Spy". Leave them as a comment on this blog post. Here's a video of me playing the game, to refresh your memory:


Anonymous said...

How did Alec know where Nancy's hotel room was?

How did Ewan get Nancy to Scotland to work for a spy organization without said organization knowing about it

The organization doesn't have protective watch over Nancy and her dad after Kate's death

Nancy talks back to her dad about her not needing his permission to go places, and that's pretty snarky given that he probably pays for everything

Anonymous said...

Ewan's shirt

Ewan's moaning when Nancy removes the duct tape from his mouth.

Moira's old lady speech when Nancy asked her about being a DJ.

The wall puzzle in Bridget's room.

I still want to know what happened to Moira when she was abducted.

For being a spy, Kate was horrible at archery according to her top scores.

Bridgitte Waldrop said...

So Nancy has to hide in the closet at Moira's or else the bad guys get her because they check everwhefe but the closet? This makes no sense. Plus they just grab Moira and leave. Also, while your hiding Moira just stands and stares at you while the baddies paitently wait outside

Anonymous said...

The culprit's motive is literally "because I can." No backstory, no nothing. It's incredibly lame.

Samuel Ferguson said...

It is impossible to remember when you need the spy glasses for puzzles. There are hardly any hints to remind you.

LGelevator said...

After solving the last puzzle, Nancy says, "I diffused the bomb!" The correct word is "defuse"; "diffuse" means "to spread over a large area." Not what you want to do with a bomb. (The game uses "diffuse" instead of "defuse" a couple other times - on a paper in the secret lair, for one.)