Sunday, April 15, 2018

Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall

I am now accepting suggestions for "Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: Ghost of Thornton Hall". Leave them as a comment on this blog post. Here's a video of me playing the game, to refresh your memory:

Some people say it's impossible for Nancy's name to have appeared on the tombstone towards the end of the game, as the ghost couldn't have done that. Her Interactive has clarified that Harper was the one who did it.


Anonymous said...

25 points to the game in its favor for having the skip convo option.

What's the point of the tea?

Why doesn't the government regulate Thorton Industry if they're known for workshop practices?

Anonymous said...

Ethel literally died on a different date in an entirely different month depending on which difficulty mode you play.

I don't know how to feel about that.

The Red Wolf said...

Nancy comments, or at least reacts, to all the ghosts, but she doesn't react to that weird armadillo thing that whips around the tool room floor. Why not? It comes RIGHT at her!
I never understood the part when Jessalyn is talking to Nancy in the cave and when Nancy decides to not help her, she conjures up Charlotte but Charlotte is dead and a hallucination so why is it a game-over initiator? The same thing for when you choose the wrong number symbols in the wall. Why would Charlotte, ghost or not, be running at you and why would that be game-over?
I don't like that HeR gave the option for Nancy to not save anyone at the end. That is completely against her nature!!!
I also found that Harper was too much. I mean, "Give me a reason to let you live" is WAY too dark for how Her has set up their games.

Anonymous said...

What the heck is that armadillo thing? What was up with Clara’s daddy? And really hallucinations because of carbon monoxide from the furnace?

Anonymous said...

Brain damage (such as through oxygen deprivation associated with carbon monoxide poisoning) can cause 'reduced tolerance to stress', fainting and psychosis. The incidence of psychosis associated with brain damage may be influenced by heightened stress levels.

The power of suggestion can be a strong thing, especially if an individual is vulnerable. Nancy may have been stressed by the idea of Jessalyn summoning Charlotte (given that she'd hallucinated Charlotte before), causing her to hallucinate again and die from a heart attack (associated with cardiac hypoxia and exacerbated by heightened stress). Nancy's heart was already struggling and her fear was the final straw.

Also, I know people have questioned how the carbon monoxide poisoning could have been causing Nancy to hallucinate outside. Well, the brain is quite capable of imagining things that haven't really occurred. With Harper and Jessalyn's gaslighting, all the rumours of Charlotte's ghost haunting, the sombre mood and Nancy's own hallucinations, is it any wonder that even the most vehement sceptic might begin to see things?

This isn't even including the fact that Nancy's brain was starved of oxygen. Just because you step outside the area where the carbon monoxide is being produced, doesn't mean you won't still have associated temporary mild brain damage.

Anonymous said...

Why does Nancy get Carbon monoxide poisoning but clara, harper and jesslyn dont.

Nancy isnt even in the house that much, she spends a large chunk of the game in the graveyard, ruins, and porch area. She also does not spend extended periods in the house without going outside for fresh air

Anonymous said...

Who was the person in the background of the picture with Clare? Was that Charlotte, or was it ever explained?

Why was Wade trying to get into Charlotte's room? Why can't we talk to him about it?

Who is this Jackson person Charlotte thought was her dad? Was it really her grandfather? Did they ever explain who Clare's dad was and if it was the same person?


What was with that creepy breathing wall?! O_O

Are there other ghosts in the house, besides Charlotte? There are three in the basement and two on the first floor that aren't Charlotte. Are they the ones who scratched "Help Me" on the fireplace and why?

Anonymous said...

Nancy said Savannah helped her in Japan... but she wasn't that great of a help.

Harper's hair

Samuel Ferguson said...

How DOES Charlotte kill Nancy if she isn't real?

How does Wade stand out in the cold, wet, foggy cemetery for three days without getting cold or sleeping at any time.

I know this one isn't in the actual game but: In the outtakes there is a really creepy glitch where Colton turns into Clara and that has always bugged me.

Anonymous said...

I don like dat "Charlotte" is spellt like dat it should be "Charolotte"

Tiffany said...

This game...every time I play it, it feels like it started off as a different game entirely but a lot got cut due to age rating limitations they had. It does feel like a number of things changed during the making process and I don't like all the's too much. Not my favourite game but I personally got a kick out of make Nancy a total jerk options at the end.

Anonymous said...

Why do Colton and Jessalyn get so far into their wedding planning when Colton loves another woman? This isn't the 18th century--you don't have to go through an arranged marriage.

So WAS Jackson the real secret father of Clara and that's why her mother keeps her leniage all hush hush? Why else does Charlotte carry that note about Jackson? It makes it more interesting because if Jackson WAS her father, that actually places Clara a generation ahead of Charlotte, so Clara should be the true heir and not Charlotte.

Why did Charlotte change her will anyway? What was her motivation to do that so suddenly?

So Harper and Jessalyn just so happen to have a replica of the Charlotte dress so that Jessalyn can walk around in it to spook Nancy?

Why does Jessalyn ask Nancy if NANCY could please find Clara during the fire? Clara is HER mother. Nancy should be the one wheeling Harper outside to safety while JESSALYN tries to reason with her mother and get her out. Thanks for trying to save your own skin, Jessalyn, and have Nancy risk her life walking upstairs and through the fire! Plus, Jessalyn already knew she was in the bedroom!

If you don't chose to build the wheel barrow, why would Harper parish in the fire? Surely Jessalyn and Nancy would have the combined strength to either carry or drag Harper out with them.

Nancy is the only one with the setup sleeping bag in the hallway. Where does everyone sleep on the island?

This game takes place in the South, so don't southern people prefer iced tea instead of the hot tea like the station Clara has setup?

The trap door that Harper comes out of in the cript faces community sizing errors. It's so huge when Harper comes out of it!

Colton's butt when he does that sassy swing hip pose.

Anonymous said...

Whoops, I didn't explain the context when I wrote that 'brain damage' post. I was supplying a possible answer to this question, that someone else here wrote.

'I never understood the part when Jessalyn is talking to Nancy in the cave and when Nancy decides to not help her, she conjures up Charlotte but Charlotte is dead and a hallucination so why is it a game-over initiator?'