Saturday, April 14, 2018

Deep Space Nine #9: Cardassian Imps

The ninth book in the Star Trek: Deep Space Nine teenager series is Cardassian Imps. The main plot is that Jake and Nog are bored. Garak tells them they could find some fun on Level 45. That's an old, abandoned level of the spacestation that no one ever visits. Huh. I didn't know there were unexplored parts of the station. Seems like a waste.

Our heroes find a toy-making machine, which can make toy spaceships and Cardassian Imps. Basically, fairies that look like Cardassians. They fly around and make silly noises. Jake and Nog make sixteen of them, when the Imps gang up on them. The Imps steal the machine and use it to make hundreds of themselves. They fly all over the space station and cause havoc.

Garak saves the day, with the emergency shut-off code word. We aren't told what it is, besides for the fact that it's in Cardassian. I'm betting the word is "off". Saying the shut-off word to the first Imp makes all the others disappear. Our heroes laugh, when they find out the Imp-making machine was connected to a repair shop. That's why it went out of control! Ha ha ha! ...I don't get the joke.

In the subplot, seven-foot-tall space slugs show up. They are miners, and they've been mining a gold-like substance called "Keithorpheum". I wonder who Keith is. The gold gets all over the space station, clogging up the systems and causing problems. The solution? Turn the space station off, then back on again. I am not joking. That is how they get rid of all the Keithorpheum.

I thought the book was stupid, and I didn't enjoy it. Apparently, the book has fans because it is stupid. I'll agree, it is sort of like an episode of the original Star Trek series (specifically, the tribbles one), in toeing the line between silly and stupid.

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