Friday, April 13, 2018

Deep Space Nine 7: Gypsy World

In the seventh book, Space Gypsies come to Deep Space Nine! They're friendly, but also quite secretive. Nog wants to sneak into their spaceship and get the coordinates for their top secret home planet. So he robs one of them, and he has Jake return the stolen goods as a distraction.

They get caught, but it's not all bad. Jake meets the Chieftain's hot daughter, and Nog is blamed for everything. The gypsy who was robbed wants revenge, so he kidnaps Nog and Jake, and he releases them on the gypsy home planet. Uh oh! Gypsy law says any outsiders who set foot on the planet must be executed.

Nog and Jake are forced to undergo the gypsy "coming of age" ritual, so they will no longer be considered outsiders. The ritual requires them to go through treacherous areas, reach a distant mountain, get a feather from a specific bird, and return within a time limit. And they'll be chased by hunters the entire time.

They make it through some dangerous traps okay, and the Hot Gypsy Girl saves them from being eaten by a giant bear creature. They go through more traps, including getting the feather and a fight with the gypsy who hates Jake. Hot Gypsy Girl falls into quicksand, and Jake forfeits his victory, in order to save her.

In the end, Jake and Nog are adopted by the gypsies, which means they are no longer outsiders, and they don't have to be executed. Hooray!

I liked this book. The portions set on Deep Space Nine were well-done, and our heroes going through the series of adventure-traps reminded me of "The Princess Bride". Nog's character was a little off, though. He acts like a nasty version of Quark, when previous books made him more friendly and open.

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