Sunday, March 18, 2018

Mermaid Mission Titanic

I spent a few days working on Mermaid Mission Titanic, recently. This game is going to be great! It's mostly finished, too. I'm just waiting for the rest of the artwork to be done, so I can put it in the game.

90% of what I did was adjust character locations. Moving characters around the screen can be hard, as it's totally inconsistent from character to character. If I put the main character in vertical position 1.1, the daughter in vertical position 1.1 and Andreas in vertical position 1.1, they're all in different vertical positions! I had to do a LOT of guess and check to place them in the correct spots.

Ren'py has three pre-defined locations that you can place characters: left, right and center. That works perfectly for all the mermaid characters. It doesn't work for the humans. The vertical alignment is off by .1 (.2 for Andreas). Maybe the humans are too tall? The copy of the game with placeholder art uses those three locations in every scene, so I had to go back and change every one by hand.

About 80% of the way through programming, I realized that, duh, I should have defined my own locations. You know, human left, human right and human center, which are the same as left, right and center, just moved down by .1. That way, I could have used replace to change the character positions in two seconds, instead of taking hours to do it by hand.


Anonymous said...

Hi Michael!
It's great to see you posting to your blog more regularly. I'm surprised that you aren't doing a detective game during this Nancy Drew game hiatus, but follow your heart!
I really like your shipping videos for ND, and the video where you share your favorite and least favorite games. I think it would be a cool idea for you to make a compilation video of the funniest Nancy Drew game moments to you, or even scariest scenes (with your lively commentary included).
You have mentioned that you were worried that Her Interactive would cease Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys PC game production. I had a similar fear given the amount of time taken to produce MID and how small the organization is. Do you have ideas for Her Interactive on how it could better meet demand for their games? There is so much material at hand in the Nancy Drew stories and I personally, among many others, would only ever play ND on a PC. The Her Interactive team is very creative, but perhaps they would be more productive and time-efficient using material from the ND original stories. For example, Ransom of the Seven Ships was very creative the way they largely wrote their own plot, but in my opinion it falls short as a game. I am eager to hear your thoughts.

Michael Gray said...

I made two detective games! They're called "Francy Droo", but sadly, they didn't sell well enough to justify making a third one.

I certainly wouldn't be opposed to them making a new game based on one of the Nancy Drew books! But of course, at this point, I wouldn't be opposed to a new game, no matter what it's based on.