Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Kapu Cave Speedrun Planning 10

Once you solve the frass puzzle, you go back to Quigley. With this conversation, it's one second faster to say "I'm all done!" and six seconds slower to ask about Norsobeta Odorata.

Then you sneak into the Hilihili. I remember playing this game, and Dr. Craven was already asleep when Nancy was let in. When I tested it for my speedrun, he was awake. I had to walk to the exit, then I turned around and came back to see that he fell asleep, as I was leaving. It turns out you don't have to move that far. Just take two steps, then turn around. He'll be asleep! Poor Dr. Craven, he has a hard time staying awake!

There appear to be no major skips, in this challenge. You have to mute the PDA, look at the employee list, then look at the locker assignments list. Open up the fired employee's locker and take the yellow suit. Go to the computer area and use the computer.

It's a minor timesaver to type in the employee's ID Number with no spaces or dashes. If you're fast enough, you can click on "extract codes" or "shipping" before Nancy talks about them. She says less about "extract codes", so I'm going to try to click that one first, that way, I get a shorter speech if I do end up getting one.

Once you DO click on shipping or extract codes, Nancy gives you a lecture on what they mean. You're supposed to do shipping first, then extract codes. If you do extract codes first, you'll have to jump to shipping and then back to extract codes, but this is neither a timesaver nor a timeloser. All that does is split up Nancy's speech on extract codes.

When you've read both screens, back away from the computer. Get the leaf sample and leave. There's only one way to exit the area, so go out that way! But don't click too quickly on the screens with Waverly on them. If you double-click, you might go forward, which causes you to walk into Waverly. That gives you a game over.

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