Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Francy Droo and the Speed Dating Sham (2 of 2)

Yesterday, I shared the script for Francy Droo and the Speed Dating Sham. I had a few notes scribbled down, as to what else I wanted in the game. Here they are!

1. All the guys at the speed dating event were going to be palette swaps of each other. You know, they all look exactly the same, but they have different colored shirts. At the end, it was going to be revealed that they were all the same guy. I thought that would be a hilarious plot twist.

2. The speed dating sham would be money laundering. That was my wife's idea. It's just a cover for their money laundering operation. The speed dating place I went to would give you a refund, if you didn't meet anyone you liked. They would NOT give you a refund, if you like someone, but they didn't like you back. Since every guy in this speed dating place is the same person, he would be super charming, then reject every single woman. They wouldn't get refunds, and he wouldn't be forced to date them.

3. I was going to have a subplot with an ancillary character. My notes say either Francy's older sister, Katie's tomboy cousin named Henry, or a teenage detective / love interest named Frank Harvey. Henry would be a parody of George Fayne, and Frank a parody of Frank Harvey. I'd probably write out all three and see which one worked best, before deciding which one to use.

4. In the second Francy Droo game, there's a subplot where Francy solves a mystery on a soap opera, which parodies the second Nancy Drew game. That worked well! I was going to do that again. I'd either do a parody of the third Nancy Drew game, or the first one. Maybe both! Again, I would try writing them out and go with whichever one worked best.

So that's all the information I have on the third Francy Droo game. I had a bit of a script, and some ideas that I was going to outline.

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Anonymous said...

Cool idea! I've never tried speed dating, but I think a lot of people find the idea of speed dating interesting. You could also work in some parodies of love interests from ND.
There was Colin from VEN, what's his face from Shadow Ranch, and Brady Armstrong also came on to Nancy in a more sleazy way than Colin and Ranch-hand did. Colin and Ranch-hand guy seemed like nice men who were put in the games to appeal to young women.
I think it would be a fun twist to have a villain who is in love with Nancy and wants to use the profits to escape with her and live a life of luxury. Kind of a Jacques Brunais type. I spent so much time saving up for a sweater for Ned in Sea of Darkness and then he was so ungrateful, so now I will never forgive him. They should bring Brunais back at the very least for another mystery.