Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Francy Droo and the Speed Dating Sham (1 of 2)

It's been about three months since the release of the second Francy Droo game! Sadly, the game is not selling very well. Unless that changes, the Francy Droo series is going to end here.

The third game was going to be titled Francy Droo and the Speed Dating Sham. Here's the script that I wrote for it! I didn't write much, just an intro scene. Enjoy this sneak peek at what could have been!


Francy Drew and the Speed Dating Sham

Scene: Francy Droo at a speed dating place.

Francy: Hi there. My name is Francine Droo, but you can call me Francy.
Francy: I bet you're wondering what I'm doing here.
Francy: It's because I'm a detective.
Francy: Kind of.
Francy: See, I work at the lost and found booth at the local mall.
Francy: So I guess you could say it's my job to find missing items.
Francy: I think that's why my best friend Katie came to visit me this morning...

*flashback transition thingy*

Scene. Mall.

Katie: Francy, I need your help finding something.
Francy: What is it?
Katie: A boyfriend.
Francy: ...I'm perfectly happy being single, thank you very much.
Katie: Not for you! For me!
Katie: Valentine's Day is a week away, and I need a date to the big dance!
Francy: No you don't. Just go by yourself.
Katie: Like a total loser? No way.
Francy: Suit yourself. I'm not going.
Katie: You've got to be kidding!
Katie: Are you telling me you don't want to find romance on Valentine's Day?
Francy: .....
Francy: ...It doesn't matter. I don't have anyone to go with.
Katie: Not anymore! We're finding a boyfriend.
Francy: We're finding a boyfriend?
Katie: Yep.
Francy: I'd rather not share a boyfriend with you, if that's okay.
Katie: That's not what I mean!
Francy: Then what DO you mean?
Katie: Look, I'm trying to say that I signed us up for speed dating tonight.
Francy: You WHAT?
Katie: It'll be totally great! We can meet all sorts of guys!
Francy: No way. It sounds sketchy.
Katie: Do you want to be alone on Valentine's Day or not?
Francy: I
Katie: Please? I really need you!
Katie: I can't go by myself!
Francy: ...Fine, but you owe me.

*end flashback thingy*

Francy: So that's why I'm here, about to meet a bunch of different guys.
Francy: I am feeling SO uncomfortable about this.
Francy: But with any luck, that's just my detective's intuition being paranoid.
Francy: Hopefully, nothing mysterious or sketchy will happen tonight.

Title screen: Francy Dro and the Speed Dating Sham

Francy: Crap. This IS a mystery!

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