Saturday, March 3, 2018

Dream Date

Over Thanksgiving break, my family and I got to play Dream Date, a board game from the 1990's. The main selling point of the game is that it comes with a phone! This was a pretty cool idea, before cell phones were common.

I wanted to record a video of us playing the game, but someone who shall remain nameless objected to the idea.

The way the game works, there are 30 or so different guys. One of them has a crush on you! But who is it? Everyone is dealt four cards, each with a picture of a guy on it. You take turns, calling the various guys. The guys give you hints, like "Your crush likes most sports, but not basketball" and "I know where he hangs out! It's not at the movies."

The guy says the second half of his statement softly, so only the person holding the phone can hear it. That way, each player has a unique set of clues.

You're supposed to put all the clues together, to figure out who the crush is. But to be honest, the clues aren't all that helpful. You always get told where the crush is not. There are six possibilities, so you have to rule out all five wrong answers, in order to get the right answer. It's a little tedious, especially since there are repeat clues.

To complicate matters, location is not the only clue category. There's also favorite sport, favorite food, clothing and two others, I think. Those categories also have six possibilities. So all in all, you have to hear 25 different clues, in order to definitively rule out the wrong options and find the right guy. None of us got all the necessary clues, and we got bored after twenty minutes. I narrowed the possibilities down to three and just guessed them until the game said I got the right answer.

It's an okay game, but now that we know how to play correctly, I think we can do much better.

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