Saturday, March 10, 2018

Deep Space Nine #2: Stowaways

Book 2 of Teenager Deep Space Nine is "Stowaways". Doctor Bashir is going to Bajor for three days. Jake and Non sneak in the back of the doctor's transport ship, and come along for the ride. Dr. Bashir plays secret agent, during the three hour ride. Like, he talks to himself, pretending he's getting orders for a secret agent mission. It's weird.

Dr. Bashir plays secret agent while on the planet, and he leaves with someone named Takir (I think that's it). When he doesn't return that night, Jake gets worried. It turns out that Takir is leading a dangerous group of rebels, which is plotting to assassinate the newest Vedek (a religious leader). And, in fact, a botched assassination attempt occurs right in front of Jake. Crazy timing!

Jake learns this information from a local Bajoran girl. She leads them to the enemy camp, where she infiltrates the rebels and learns Dr. Bashir's location. While she returns home, Nog makes a distraction with a landslide, while Jake rescues Bashir. Things look good, until Takir grabs Nog.

Bashir takes control of the situation, more or less. He and Jake grab a car and some weapons. Bashir destroys the shield to the rebel base, and he bluffs Takir into letting Nog go. The rebels are defeated, everyone is safe, and our heroes get to ride in the parade, at the Vedek's installation ceremony. Jake and Nog get out of trouble, by threatening to reveal Dr. Bashir's silly secret agent game.

This book was not as good as the first, probably because there were fewer Deep Space Nine characters. Most of the story was just Jake and Nog, with the cute girl who pretty much does everything for them in the first half. She was an okay character, and maybe Jake would have fared better on the TV show if he tried dating a girl like that, instead of chasing after a girl who makes him look like a sleaze.

Side note: Nog is terrifying-looking, and I do not want to see him in every illustration. Thanks.

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