Sunday, February 18, 2018

Everything Wrong With Trail of the Twister

I'm now accepting suggestions for "Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister"! Here's my 2014 video for that game, in case you need a refresher:


Anonymous said...

1 - The constant inclusion of traffic, and the resulting accidents, is annoying.

2 - Whilst vacuuming the prairie dogs up was amusing (and has apparently really been done), I don't like the idea it might give to younger players regarding their pet hamsters, or whatever, not realising it could be harmful.

Sophie Carbone said...

The game itself really has no mystery and it seems that the moment you get there you are stuck doing chores for people. Nothing of interest really happens except that people lie to you and there are tornados. I feel that had more potential to make a better game but all it amounts to is a giant chore run. Sure the puzzles can be fun sometimes but the store seems to fall by the way side in order to make room for all the puzzles they have in there

Aaron M. Fugate said...

I'm the one who did the original Nancy Drew Game Sins "Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister" video that you featured on your blog back in 2014-2015. I made a list of all the sins and have kept it to this day. Here it is, with an explanation for some of the ones that need context. Any questions, I'll be happy to answer.

Aaron M. Fugate said...

1 "Girls are afraid of mice" cliché

2 The TV channels are lame

3 If Scott's the one who calls the shots, why isn't Nancy answering to him?

4 Scott is a jerk

5 (When Debbie says "Scott's not exactly a low talker") Actually, Scott is a low talker

6 (Talking with Scott after the tornado) What do you mean, all the action was here? There was like one really big wind gust and then five to ten items of random debris piled up in one random place. Is that what you really wanted to see?

7 Yay, chores!

8 Why the heck does the team need Nancy to do all of these chores? What are they doing the rest of the day? Because it looks like they're sitting on their butts drinking coffee. It's not like they needed to monitor the weather, there are meteorologists for that, and Scott already knows the forecast! If they're just entering data into a spreadsheet or something, wouldn't they rather have Nancy do that frustrating, boring busywork?

9 No way a "tornado" that tame carried that money box in from miles away

10 (When Debbie asks Nancy if she remembers what an emergency kit needs) How could she remember? No one ever told her

11 (When Frosty does the little "HP Supercell" speech) "Scientists speak a different language" cliché

12 (When Frosty gives the backstory for his name) That still doesn't really explain the name

13 Wait, Frosty's attracted to Lori Girard? That's like me being attracted to Paris Hilton. Disturbing

14 If they're going to give you a choice of cars there could at least be a Dodge Viper

15 Driving

16 How are there NO CONTROLS on these roads? I mean, I know it's the country, but there have to be some stop signs

17 (After Nancy crashes) Yeah, Nancy's dead right now

18 Pa's pennies are basically an early form of bitcoin

17 Take a sin off for Pa. He's a phenomenal character

18 (The price tags on items for the emergency kit) Well, that's not confusing at all

19 The only difference between the "ergonomic" flashlight and the "battery-powered" flashlight is the color. They're both battery-powered, I assume, and, the "ergonomic" one doesn't look ergonomic at all, so why are they priced differently except to make the disaster kit challenge more difficult?

20 I'm adding a sin for these snacks not being real. Make it happen, Her Interactive!

19 But I'll take that sin back off for Land Rush. This game is awesome

20 Why is Nancy playing against the Sooner? The Sooner is the mascot of the University of Oklahoma. Is Her taking sides in the Oklahoma/ Oklahoma State rivalry?

21 Not that I doubt Pa, but I find it hard to believe that anyone ever made Reconstituted Rhubarb Cordials

22 Yeah, I'm pretty sure no fuses anywhere work like this

23 So they hired Chase just to fix stuff, before they knew everything would be breaking down? What were they planning to have him do if everything stayed intact like it should've?

24 So… Frosty sounds white, and Chase sounds black. Just sayin'

25 What's wrong with cheese?

26 Seriously, what do you people have against cheese? And why is it in the candy section when it's clearly mouse bait?

27 (Cheese is rejected a third time) Really?

28 (Chase tells Nancy to look on the workbench for that damaged car part, but) That's not a workbench, that's a shelf

29 The only secluded place where Debbie and Frosty could talk was in the field right next to where Nancy was? Heck, they could've chatted in the basement, Frosty wouldn't even have had to move

30 (Krolmeister calls Nancy "N.D.") And you sure as heck don't have time to call Nancy by her first name, amiright, Mr. Krolmeister?

31 Nancy's car goes faster than all the others on the road by default. That's just asking for crashes

Aaron M. Fugate said...

32 Frosty is a jerk

33 I understand suspension of disbelief, but are we expected to believe that there were that many mice in Scott's office and they hadn't driven him crazy till we were halfway done with the game?

34 Question: Nancy needs candles to walk ten feet from the foot of the stairs to the cellar door?

35 Further question: If the power is out, shouldn't the cellar light be out, too?

36 Why is Chase so concerned about the oil on his boots? Couldn't he just say he was changing the oil in the car and spilled some on himself? Who would know the difference?

37 Why, of course, Pa can't just do these chores himself! He's too busy whittlin', see

38 You don't really trust cheese, Chase? What - has cheese lied to you? Has cheese been unfaithful to you? Has cheese ever not been awesome? Why is everyone here so anti-cheese? Do they also abstain from Cheetos and Nacho Cheese Doritos?

39 Actually… there's a good reason why someone would sabotage the equipment. There's 100 million dollars of prize money involved

40 Pretty sure that's called uploading photos, not downloading them

41 That's not as many mice as I caught…

42 So the GPS gives audible directions only when it's been programmed incorrectly? And the GPS is still working if you look at it. And why would someone program it to say "leagues" of distance? Whom were they trying to fool? Jules Verne?

43 Nancy saw the pile of corn FIVE MINUTES after she came inside the first time. Debbie is in this room all day, and she's never seen the one in the corner, right next to HER file cabinet? Either Debbie is the most unobservant person ever, or she's lying

44 Debbie sees a random object fly out of Scott's office and she immediately knows it's Scott's phone jack

45 (Debbie assumes Nancy can fix the phone jack) Yeah, Nancy, you got this…

46 (Scott's headset) Well, that was an early culprit reveal…

47 (When Pa checks in after the tornado) How does Nancy know that the others are okay? All she can know about is her own condition

48 More mice…?

49 Koko Kringle bars must be super unhealthy if the Health Department (which is okay with the sale of Twinkies, Snickers bars, and such) is upset about Pa selling them

Aaron M. Fugate said...

50 Pa is a jerk. And seriously, Pa. Since Nancy got here, she has done EVERYTHING that needed doing in this store. She's not even been hired to work for you -- she works for the Canute team. And she hasn't even gotten anything in return -- not even a discount on the candy or something

51 It's sure a good thing that this mousetrap magically adjusts its capacity in direct relation to the amount of mice in each place EVERY TIME

52 How convenient that the TV should turn on randomly to the exact station that is playing the clip at the exact time that Nancy fixes it and only then break permanently!

53 Frosty is a jerk… again.

54 Debbie is a jerk.

55 (After fixing the Doppler machine) All that for nothing?!

56 Scott never locks his office. We've snooped in there many times when he's been gone

57 In what universe did the rest of the team look up to Scott?

58 Way to admit to everything for no reason, Scott

59 That's a good question -- who would lock a storm shelter, let alone double-lock it? How inconvenient

60 A convenient crow bar! Yay!

61 Yeah, just go into the spring house with all the mice. Considering how good Scott got at coping with copious amounts of mice in his room during the early part of the game, though, I guess it's no surprise he seems unfazed that we're taking shelter in a place that's likely overrun with them by now

62 I hate what they did with the characters in this one. At one point or another, each person is a jerk to Nancy or lies to her, and all of them, even Chase -- arguably the most likeable one -- has done something that is clearly against the law. But only Scott really suffers for it because he's the only real "culprit". And lest you think that Pa is clean, remember that he threatens Nancy if she is reluctant to catch those stinking mice!

Anonymous said...

When will EWW Warnings at Waverly Academy be posted?

Emily said...

Was there any point to the whole "Ma" thing? If the game was going to make a point of telling you what happened to her, why have Nancy keep asking Pa about where she is? That was unnecessarily cruel and uncomfortable.

HeR Interactive, for girls who aren't afraid of a mouse. Then Nancy promptly gets freaked out over a mouse.

I know the part where Scott could sense the big tornado was coming was an homage to the book, but it still makes no sense and is weird.

How did Nancy manage to get Scott into the spring house? Also, it would have killed the mood, but it would have been great to see Nancy and Scott waiting out the storm with all the mice.

If Brooke has a small fortune to pay off Scott, why does she need the grant?

You never see the supposedly sabotaged storm equipment. Everything the team is using is just old.

Anonymous said...

When driving on a tornado chase and you stop at one of the cloud locations, there's a chance you'll see s beautiful and sunny day. The cloud images don't seem to change based on the actual weather.

Anonymous said...

All the cheese jokes and the hilarious way frosty screams, also when Krolmeister says "this is why we can't have nice things". Also someone mentions Krolmeister is Nancy's uncle or something? That confused me very much. Also the one tv channel is called Watching Waverly, which is weird and stalking. Also someone on the Detective beech show uses a shark to rob a bank. And Frosty wants Lori Gerard and a sweet cherry red convertible, shouldn't he know that Lori did some bad stuff in TRN? Also it really bothers me that their shirts change colors at the end. That's just annoying to me.

Josh M said...

Frosty screams like a little girl

Anonymous said...

Honestly I just cant wait for Labyrinth of Lies. I'll be patiently waiting to share all my grievances with that game because I have several haha.

NancyDfan said...

What sabotage does Scott actually do? He says he's been sabotaging his own team but how? He sabotaged Pete's car and his phone jack. Not exactly criminal of the year.

Who is leaving the metal boxes? The game leaves you to assume it was Scott, but if that's the case, why is he meeting Brooke out by the windmill? Is it the people Frosty is selling media too?

Who is bring in all the mice? This was never explained! Scott obviously hates them, and Frosty is terrified of them. Debbie is the only one unfazed by the mice and only complains once they're overrun the place.

You have to be a total moron to believe mice chewed through that hose.

I don't believe Scott is even capable of committing such sabotage the game keeps claiming. He leaves the knife covered with coolant in his office. I get that his office is a mess, but it would have made more sense if he trashed it.

Why won't the mice come to the corn? It's a time waster in the game to make us buy cheese.

Nancy only asks Debbie about the receipt of corn who instantly dismisses it. Why doesn't she talk to everyone else? Lazy detective work! You can't convince me Scott put the receipt there. He left the knife in his office. I don't think he has the foresight to try and incriminate someone else.

You literally can't accuse Debbie of anything. Nancy never talks about the conversation in the cornfield or the fact that she's allowing Frosty to sell footage.

Frosty hands down commits the worst sabotage on the team. He is selling off footage they desperately need and blaming someone else for losing it. The team is losing. Badly! And he's selling it away! Why does Nancy just let this go? I would have march straight up to Scott and told him everything.

Why does Scott attack Nancy like that in the end? His confirmed sabotage does not include actual violence. Pete's broken leg is an accidental by product. Like Joe said, it's not smart sabotage. I don't think Scott even knew what would happen.

The game tries to paint Scott as this complete jerk, but I don't get that from the game. He's obviously impatient but he never yells until end of game. He actually has a couple of nice conversations with Nancy and even apologizes to her at one point. Maybe he won't win boss of the year but I don't get this persona.

Debbie's facial expressions never change.

Everyone bad mouths Scott right away except Pa. Did HER even want players to attempt to like Scott?

Lazy writing. Everyone pretty much guessed the culprit. It would have been better to have Debbie as the bad guy.

Debbie spends waaaaay too much time talking outside the Storm shelter and then follows up with even longer exposition as Scott gets away. This exposition is required to explain the plot and try to convince you why Scott is the bad guy.

Why doesn't Scott just skip town? Hasn't Brooke been paying him? Just leave!

Debbie reveals there's a tracker on Scott's car, but she doesn't think to track him earlier in the game when he was missing? This is only done so Nancy is forced to confront Scott!

Anonymous said...

First of all, Krolmeister and the others seem to think that the Canute team are the best bet to win the competition, but they have equipment that’s easily 30 years old. When Scott tells Nancy the machine is twice her age (ie: 36), no one counters Scott to say otherwise so either the equipment isn’t new at all or Scott’s gone crazy and they don’t have the courage to say otherwise.
But the ending scene indicates that the equipment is old when Krolmeister sends new equipment. So how did they expect Canute to win when they clearly had a disavantge with equipment?
Who’s leaving the metal boxes? Is it Brooke? Is it Frosty’s friend? Nancy seems to think it was Frosty collecting the money for selling the storm media, but his response isn’t clear. If he didn’t collect the money, clearly it was Scott, but were Frosty’s wounds just from dropping his camera? Also, he plans to buy this expensive car so clearly he’s getting a good bit of money, and the $500 a pop adds up. But how much is someone really willing to pay? Frosty indicates this isn’t the first time he’s done this but how much is his friend willing to pay out just to make a name for herself?
Also, why in the world is Debbie and Frosty okay with completely sabatoging their own team to the point they’re clear underdogs just to get Scott pushed over the edge? Does Debbie have some inside knowledge that she won’t be fired as well but instead given the leadership role?

Also everyone is forgiven for their crappy actions except Scott cause they needed him to be the bad guy. The ending letter where Nancy says doing good except pretending to just makes me so mad! He actually has a history of doing good and this doesn’t or shouldn’t excuse everyone’s else’s behavior

Anonymous said...

Scott doesnt like chocolate