Saturday, February 3, 2018

Book Reviews

I sometimes worry my book reviews are too mean, to the point where they would hurt the author's feelings, if the author ever read them. If I was a ghostwriter, I probably wouldn't like it if some rando on the Internet reviewed my books like that! And, in fact, the only time I know of an author seeing my book reviews, she got really mad at me, and probably blocked me.

But then, I realize that I've also gotten bad reviews like that. In fact, I looked up my game "Cat President" on Google the other day, and Result #3 was a nasty review that went straight after the writing as pure awfulness. I hope that's not the review everyone sees when they look for my game.

I know I'm also going to get bad reviews for my Pride and Prejudice game, but that comes with the territory. Any and every Jane Austen-style book gets at least three reviews, ripping the writing style for not being the exact same as Jane's. My game purposely uses modern slang at points, although that happens less as the game goes on, but it is a low-hanging fruit for reviewers to complain about.

In any case, I'd like to apologize to any authors who disliked my book reviews. Let's agree that your books are amazing, and it's all the editors' fault for ruining them. As for the books written by editors...uh...sorry?


Stripes said...

I'm sure you review them fairly.

Anonymous said...

I enjoy your reviews. They tend to be honest and funny. Cinemasins and Honest Trailers don't hold back, neither should you. Haters gonna hate.

Anonymous said...

I think most ghostwriters are doing it only for the money / in order to survive, and know the stuff they are writing is schlock, they probably would laugh along. Keep doing what you are doing, if you just say how great the books are, you are worrying about the feelings of one person over the truth, which is almost propoganda.

Anonymous said...

I love your book reviews, especially the Nancy drew: Girl Detective ones.