Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Ransom of the Seven Ships Speedrun 1

How would I even go about a speedrun for Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships? Well, you need to find all six dials to start the endgame sequence.

Dial 1: The monkeys have it. You can get this at the start of the game.
Dial 2: Rope pulley puzzle. The monkeys have the pulley, and you can get it at the start of the game. I think.
Dial 3: In the sunken ship. You do Sudoku for it. You need Johnny's metal detector to do it.
Dial 4: In the bat cave. You need Johnny's battery for it.
Dial 5: On Dove Island. You need the metal detector for this.
Dial 6: On Half Moon Reef.

When you get Dial 3, you get the astrolabe. This lets you decode certain passages in El Toro's book. Those passages refer to Dials 2 and 4. I suspect that you can't possibly solve those puzzles, without having decoded the book passages about them. You also need the astrolabe to discover Dove Island and Half Moon Reef.

Presuming you absolutely do need to translate those particular passages, you'd want to route the speedrun, so you complete that section as soon as possible. After all, it unlocks every dial except Dial 1! Okay. That's a good starting point. I'll try it.

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