Sunday, January 14, 2018

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I got a Nintendo Switch for my birthday! I was totally surprised by this gift; I did not see it coming at all. I also got a copy of Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

The game has a really weird beginning, which is to say, there isn't one. Link just wakes up in a cave and wanders outside. The map in the lower/right directs you to go to an abandoned building, and then to an abandoned tower. Only this tower pops up out of the ground when you go on it.

At this point, an old man appears and says, hey, you activated a bunch of towers and buildings all over the world. And gee, there are horrible monsters attacking the castle. They've been in control of the castle for 100 years now. You should probably do something about them, yeah? You can't reach the castle without a paraglider, though. The old man says he'll give you his paraglider, if you go through four shrines.

The first shrine is marked on your map. The other three aren't. Old Man assures you that you can easily see them from the tower, but I couldn't see them. I couldn't see anything that looked like a shrine. And so I got stuck. The first hour and a half was me wandering around randomly, looking for the shrines. Finding the shrines is awful, but going through them is fun. Each shrine is 2-3 room puzzle area. You're given a power, like "magnet power" or "ability to freeze time", and forced to solve puzzles with the new power. It was cool.

I'm 90% sure I did the shrine hunt wrong. I figured one shrine had to be up in the snowy mountains, only that area is freezing. You lose 1/6 of your health every thirty seconds or so. When you die, you restart at the last save point. I found one of the areas where the game autosaves, and I timed it so I reached that area, a few seconds before I died. That way, I went as far as I possible could, and dying put me right back in the same spot. I eventually found the shrine there by dumb luck.

(Apparently, the "real" strategy is to reach the highest peak on the mountain. If you do that, Old Man gives you a jacket, which stops you from freezing.)

I eventually broke down and used the Internet to find the last two shrines. After that, Old Man tells you to meet him on top of the abandoned building. At this point, you get the story of the game. A team of six heroes worked together to save the world, when the bad guys appeared 100 years ago. Four of them are dead; their machines were turned into monsters that I'm guessing you'll have to destroy in order to beat the game. The other hero is you, who took a 100 year nap. The other hero is Princess Zelda who is, uh, somewhere.

Old Man points you in the direction you have to go, and that's as far as I've gotten so far. The game is somewhat interesting, although I'm still a little sour that I couldn't find the shrines at all. Also, I wonder if I'm going to get a sword or weapons at any point, because I'm pretty much defenseless against all the monsters who are roaming free.


Anonymous said...

The rest of the game is great! The majority of it (if you don't look at the guide further) is wandering around until you find something.
Needless to say, there are a lot of awesome "somethings." Super Mario Odyssey is another game you should think about getting, and it has a basic 2-player mode for if you played with Mary.

Anonymous said...

Weapons and shields - you should be able to find weak ones on the Great Plateau where you started out. You first use a "branch" found near the place where you woke up, kill the bokoblins, and then use their weapons. *While you are making your way to Kakariko village to find Impa however, I would recommend just running and hiding past the enemies on the path. Several enemies on the way are pretty strong

Shrines - go see Impa in Kakariko Village 1, and then 2, you will go to a different village and meet a woman who gives you a tool to find shrines much easier. In the meantime, you may find one or two on your own, but don't worry too much yet.

Anonymous said...

I know I’m late, but I wanted to say a couple things.
1. One thing I notice about this game is that usually, skills build. I wasn’t good and didn’t like doing much fighting at first as well. The thing is, as you play the game you get better. This goes for fighting, solving puzzles, etc.
2. Don’t feel bad about having to look things up! Of course, solving puzzles and doing things on your own is always better but sometimes, you just can’t figure it out and you have to look it up on the handy dandy internet! Specifically though, I want to tell you that looking for shrines and towers is a little easier at night. They glow blue if you’ve activated them, and orange if you haven’t yet done so.
3. Speaking of skill building, same goes with weapons and armor. The more chests you open, the more shrines you complete, and the more places you go, the more weapons and armor you’ll find.
4. As you’ve certainly found out, certain areas of the game are effected by weather/climate keep this in mind, and try using cooking effects or armor, as seen with the Warm Doublet you got, to help prevent health loss/death.
5. When you get to Kakariko, which is your next objective, “someone there” (You should know who, but just in case of spoilers, since you didn’t mention who in your post I won’t say) will put the story into perspective. They will also introduce the dungeons. I won’t go into too much detail, but I can talk more about it once you see that person.
6. My last point - keep updating us on your Breath of the Wild adventures!!!! I love hearing your thoughts and experiences with the game and I can’t wait to hear more!!!!

baby bear said...

Please play this on youtube! I would love a full walkthrough of this as we wait for Midnight in Salem!