Friday, January 12, 2018

Kapu Cave Speedrun Planning 7

The first conversation with Quigley is about two minutes long, and there are over eight variations. No matter what happens, Quigley goes on two digressions, one about her father and one about wasps. You can control which digression happens first, and it's faster to have her digress about her father. That's because her transition from "bug rant" to "dad rant" is "Yeah, something's wrong! I no longer have any idea what I'm talking about! And please.", whereas her transition from "dad rant" to "bug rant" is "Good. Now."

After the dad rant, she tells Nancy to stop her from digressing. That means, you have to stop her bug rant digression. This is a pretty simple choice here. If you order her to stop right now, she does. If you tell her that she's talking about an interesting topic, she agrees with you and warns you not to let it happen again.

The fastest way through the conversation is to pick the second option, then the first option, then the second option. It's about 1:44 in length, and the majority of the conversations are around 1:58, so that's about fourteen seconds faster. Yes! It took way too long to figure out the fastest way through the convo. Silly long conversations!

After that, Quigley sends you back to camp for her clipboard. It turns out you cannot look at the clipboard at this point, and you can't look at the microscope, either. So much for being able to do some of the frass puzzle early! You have to go all the way back to Quigley and talk to her, but I spent more than enough time listen to her ramble today, so I'm putting off that conversation (and its ensuing puzzle) for another day.

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