Monday, January 22, 2018

Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships

Forget what I said in yesterday's blog post. I'm starting work on Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: Ransom of the Seven Ships right now! Please leave your suggestions here as comments! In case you've forgotten the game, here's the livestream I did, to refresh your memory:

I know most fans dislike this game, because it has almost no story or characters. It is nothing but Nancy, solving puzzles as part of a scavenger hunt. Early on, I decided to think of it as a puzzle game, not a Nancy Drew adventure game. From that perspective, it's pretty good. There's a nice variety of puzzles, and they're almost all fun and challenging! Really, the hourglass and animal-outline puzzle are the only ones I dislike.


Anonymous said...

How the heck did Lulu's grand-parrot wind up on a random island in the Bahamas? And why is there a portrait of Lulu in their resort?

Did the girls do no research before leaving for their "vacation" and realize it's a private island

Absolutely no treasure hunters have scoped this island before?

Nice twist ending, but seeing how Stay Tuned for Danger was not working on a lot of newer computers when this game came out, the twist maybe confusing for some players

Anonymous said...

Why does he look and sound completely different? They just had his original voice actor on a podcast a few weeks ago, so it's not like he isn't still around. I'd have been a lot more convinced if he'd at least had the same voice ...

Anonymous said...

How does the flying guy have a job. He hasn’t had a job in weeks and it’s not even paid for since the trip is free!

The Gibson’s are absent to save on animation

OBVIOUS SUSPECT, unless Bess herself did it

Monkeys are smarter than Nancy

What happened to Dwayne. We need closure

Anonymous said...

Nancy is climbing up the wall and the monkeys are throwing rocks at her to keep reaching the top. The monkeys are jerks.

Caroline said...

Pilot ignores George’s yells for help even though he flies right past her and sees her waving her arms.

George has helped Nancy with vital hints in the past over the phone in previous games which shows how smart she is, yet she can’t get a satellite phone to work.

There are numerous umbrellas and chairs by the beach yet there are never enough people on the island to use them all at once. Why are there so many chairs and umbrellas then?

The games the monkeys force you to play... and the mocking monkey laughter if you lose.

There’s no way Nancy could’ve solved the underwater color sudoku puzzle in real life without running out of air

Anonymous said...

Johnny is a jerk
Nancy lets the monkeys boss her around
George doesnt help with anything until the end witch is ttotally useless because she kills their free acatipon
at the end when Bess meets with George its just weird
the lock puzzle

Ashley Naylor said...

The underwater sudoku puzzle was a nightmare. Honestly, that puzzle was my playthrough and why I'll never play that game again.

Kevin Chittenden said...

The total lack of characters is the one thing that bugs me. They practically tell you who the culprit is by only having one suspect in the game.
Also, how did a band of relatively primitive pirates set up the elaborate scavenger hunt? Especially with all those underwater passages.

Anonymous said...

it's odd Nancy doesn't explore Dwayne's area more (the only other person on the island). If she did, she may have found Bess and the game would've been a whole lot shorter lol.

George is a bit rude to Nancy throughout the game. I understand her cousin is missing, but she's very pushy about Nancy finding the treasure while she just sits there and does nothing the majority of the time.

I would've done a bit more research if I had won a free vacation to some island I've never heard of...just saying.

Anonymous said...

1. Nancy apparently thinks Australians actually sound like ‘Johnny‘ : )

2. Seriously, it feels like 'Dwayne's Grand Return' was a shrugged afterthought, rather than a major plot driver. They moulded his personality to suit the crime, not the crime to his personality. For example:

a) In this game, Dwayne blames Nancy for ruining his life...the only problem is that at the time of meeting her, he already felt that Rick had 'killed' him. (This actually makes sense to me if I think more than idly about it, but it could still count as a lack of continuity.)

b) Of course, seeking revenge against Nancy forms only part of his aims, not the whole of it; Dwayne goes from a melodramatic, albeit dangerous, man with an ALL-CONSUMING hatred of Rick, to a relatively calmer villain, hunting after a buried treasure.

...Except, Dwayne never expressed any greediness in Stay Tuned for Danger, nor did grief over his financial issues seem to be the key reason for him wanting to kick Rick's bucket. Where'd this gold-grubbing 'toon villain sprout out from?

c) Dwayne's larynx apparently shrunk whilst he was in prison, as four other people have already noted.

Anonymous said...

When Nancy saw George screaming for the plane/helicopter/or whatever to come back, why didn't she help her signal the pilot and ask questions later? It was obvious that George was in trouble and needed help asap.

If the Gibsons weren't there, who was taking care of Coucou before George arrived?

The monkey - coconut challenge

Why didn't Nancy just take what she needed from those darn monkeys?

The hourglass challenge

Did the culprit dig the hole where Bess was himself? If so, it must have been a huge coincidence that Bess would find the door to the exit right there.

It's 2018 and we still don't know where the culprit is or what happened to him.

Anonymous said...

Bess doesn't even try to escape

Anonymous said...

Nancy having the strength to free climb a cliff, multiple times.

Where are the rooms to sleep in at this resort?

If the monkeys are trained so well, that would allude that scientists often frequented this island, yet Nancy claims the island is private. Why would scientists abandon trained monkeys and not observe them? What a waste of grant funding.

How did Dwayne know that Bess would enter this contest to win a trip to this island? If it was a mail in contest, how did he get Bess's mailing address?

Dwayne claims to have spent a long time in jail, but Nancy is forever 18. Dwayne has only been serving time for max a few months.

Dwayne's charade of being a Jamaican and Australian is so bad, he must have got his acting lessons from Rick Arlen.

Why would Dwayne bother being two different identifies in the first place? Seems like an overkill.

Maybe HER included two identities for Dwayne because of the lack of characters? Dwayne's character can now count as 3 characters: the Jamaican, the Aussie, and Dwayne himself.

Gibsons have a tank that runs on salt water, but have not commercially capitalized on this idea. If they mass produced a tank that runs on salt water, they could be millionaires and have their own private island--oh wait, they do.

George and Nancy never even discuss the possibility of building a smoke signal for help.

George knew that Nancy was arriving a day later and did not prepare rocks on the beach to read the word "HELP." George, that was your moment. You knew that an airplane pilot was coming.

Bess's character design is so ugly and gives her a box head.

Anonymous said...

Mattie Jensen said that she and Dwayne used to both be struggling actors. However, she hit the big time, and Dwayne left acting and became a talent agent, instead.

Anonymous said...

George says she doesn't like sailboats...but I'm pretty sure there's a game where she's at some sail boating thing. I can't remember which game it is though!