Thursday, December 21, 2017


I did a vlog about the release date for the new Nancy Drew game!

This is, no joke, probably my most popular video all year. 3,000 views in one day! I am never that popular! Not even with my cute baby videos, which should be YouTube clickbait.

Well, YouTube quickly flagged my video as "inappropriate content", so now I don't get any ad revenue on the video, or at least, not as much. I've requested a manual review. They claim that they review a video if it gets 1,000 views in a week, but they haven't reviewed it yet.

That "1000 views in a week" hurdle is a lie. They manually reviewed my book review of Nancy Drew: The Nutcracker Ballet Mystery when it had 400 views. They didn't review Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew Game #9, when it got 700 views in a week. So it's more like "we'll review it if we feel like it", with an edge of "if it passes 1000, we'll try to get to it, but no promises". Bah, humbug.

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