Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Francy Droo and Friends

My newest videogame is available for purchase!

This one is a collection of FIVE games, although you can buy the games individually on, if you prefer. The games are the two Francy Droo games, Trapped in a Soap Opera, Who Am I?: The Let's Play Disaster and My Nigerian Prince.

As you probably know, I really like Nancy Drew: Stay Tuned for Danger. So I wanted to have a subplot in Francy Droo 2, where Francy goes to a soap opera. She meets characters who are send-offs of the Nancy Drew characters, like Dick Marlin the actor, Wayne Dowers the talent agent and Cynthia Matterhorn, the prop room lady. (My apologies to the other characters, for leaving them out!)

In Wayne's ending, he pretends they're characters in a soap opera. I had so much fun writing that bit, it inspired me to write "Trapped in a Soap Opera", where an actor gets stuck in his own soap opera. I wanted to show off some soap opera tropes in a humorous yet a realistic way, because most soap opera parodies I've seen are clearly written by people who have never watched a soap opera. For example, I included "senior cast member who has been on the show for decades" as a soap opera trope in the game. I used actors from "Days of our Lives" as models for most of the characters.

"Who Am I?: The Let's Play Disaster" is two interesting ideas, meshed into one. First, what if Arglefumph came to life? Sometimes, I feel like Arglefumph is a totally different person from me. Second, what if there was a let's player, who was playing through a game, and the various characters started interacting with him? I ended up playing all three characters. Like, I'm Michael, I'm Arglefumph, and I'm the surly Let's Player whose playing the Michael/Arglefumph game.

The other two games, "Francy Droo and the Missing Mother-in-Law" and "My Nigerian Prince" were previously available for purchase.

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