Friday, December 22, 2017

Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull

I'm now accepting suggestions for "Everything Wrong With Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull"! Please leave them as a comment below!

My video for "White Wolf of Icicle Creek" should go up on Christmas, barring any surprises.


Anonymous said...

There's a birdcage on Henry's desk, even though dr.Bolet didn't believe in cages.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Buford flirting creepily with Bess...

Shawna said...

The beginning scene, how did the skeleton man get in the house? Who unlocked the door?

Why is Lamont so happy all the time cause he won't stop smiling?

When Bess gives Lamont the gumbo how did he not notice the hot sauce on top. Does he not look at his food when he eats?

Renee's weird green concoction to revive Nancy

Why did overeating on chocolate cause Nancy to pass out?

Nancy enters the skeleton secret meeting in matching costume and Dr. Buford immediately knows she's there. Does he have special vision that sees through clothes? It's also reused from Kapu Cave at the Hili Research Center.

Bess has a bad attitude when asked for assistance by Nancy. The other games Bess was willing to help.

Matching puzzle in the dark during end game sequence

Aaron M. Fugate said...

There are no sins. This is a perfect game.

Anonymous said...

1 – If Bruno Bolet really wanted to make sure Henry got the crystal skull, why didn’t he bequeath it to him?

2 – Unless Bruno specifically bequeathed the crystal skull to Henry in his will (and there seems to be no indication that he did), both Gilbert Buford and RenĂ©e Amande may have had a legal right to claim it, considering they inherited 30% and 10% of Bruno’s estate, respectively. Instead, they immediately resorted to the use of underhanded tactics to obtain it.

3 – It’s pretty depressing to see the way Bruno’s (self-considered) closet social network behave after his death.

4 – Five-hour call hold times (Henry was probably not exaggerating there).

5 – The running joke that Professor Hotchkiss can’t remember Nancy’s name started getting old in Treasure in the Royal Tower.

6 – The cemetery puzzle.

Sophie Carbone said...

One of the main things that always bothered me was why does Nancy bother helping Henry in the first place? Ned barely knows him as is, so why should he even take it upon himself/Nancy to try and help someone he barely knows? It just seems like a very thin plot point to get Nancy there, and something that Henry himself even speculates on.

Anonymous said...

Nancy went to New Orleans on vacation, not specifically to help Henry. The original plan was for her to touch base with him, then just enjoy her vacation. When Nancy decided to stay longer at the Bolet mansion, it was because she wanted to find out who attacked her.

In any case, the premise makes more sense than the fact Nancy's 'semester off to visit Aunt Eloise' turned into eighteen and vacationing/volunteering/detecting-as-a-hobby
forever. Somewhere between Stay Tuned for Danger and Message in a Haunted Mansion, Nancy won the lottery and became immortal. :)

Meg said...

Nicest character in the game is the culprit (like Emily in Ghost Dogs or Fake Jane in Old Clock).

Nancy does other people's chores (the wasp puzzle).

Bess tormenting Lamont, who did nothing to her, just to help Nancy on a case that Nancy badgered Bess into helping her with.

Culprit once again does not get arrested for attempted murder!

Nancy gets hit on the head and totally doesn't have to go to the doctor cliche.

Nancy finds a hidden passageway/room!

What is Renee's deal with Henry's girlfriend? We never get proof that Summer is after Henry's inheritance.

Alysia Victoria Parker said...

1. The way that Nancy gives Renee the skull without any questions
2. Exploring the cemetery in the dark without any flashlight and in heels as well in pouring rain-Yeah that's real smart Nancy, NOT!
3. Bess hiding in the secret meeting and not turning off her phone beforehand
4. The wasp puzzle
5. Crossing the logs ever so carefully so you don't get eaten by Bernie
6. Making an innocent person (Lamont) sick just to explore and snoop
7. Henry being zero help whatsoever to Nancy or anyone else
8. All the loose animals to be on the guard against

Anonymous said...

Something that always bugged me was when Bess infiltrates the meeting and gets caught, she gets a bag or something put over her head and when they take the bag off Dr Buford immediately recognises Bess, even though she should still be wearing the mask.
Bess also took a ridiculously long time to get the nose spray for Lamont because she was solving the puzzle but he's not even suspicious of her after that.

Sophie Carbone said...

One more thing I also noticed was that the picture of Henry’s mother is almost the exact same as the picture of Dr. Preduvicu in Danger on Deception Island, just in a different form! But they’re exactly the same!

Anonymous said...

When Bess goes to the meeting and her phone goes off, the members immediately tie her up and put a bag over her head. What in the world?

Anonymous said...

No Jazz! New Orleans has such a unique history for the USA, birthplace of jazz, former french colony, Creole culture, pirates! etc. I dont feel the game really touched on any of it.

ErinScarlet said...

The game where you have to make all the eye symbols appear by rolling a ball.

Anonymous said...

never ending balloons when you mess up the rube goldberg machine

Anonymous said...

Why is the hallway of the house viewed as as slanting? It's honestly a major throw off for me that makes it hard for me to enjoy the environment with the added darkness as well