Sunday, September 3, 2017

YouTube's Flagging System (Part 5)

After all the brouhaha with my livestream of Nancy Drew: The Captive Curse being flagged as inappropriate, I was shocked to find another video got flagged. THIS video:

There is no way that video is inappropriate for advertisers. It is a baby giggling while a dog licks her chin. I complained about this on Facebook/Twitter, in order to draw more attention to the video, so it would get over 1000 views in a week. That way, YouTube would do a manual review. I logged in later, to see that YouTube had "inappropriate for all advertisers: confirmed by manual review" on the video.

I just about flipped my table after that.

The good news is that, the next day, both the videos were cleared. Whenever I log onto YouTube now, there's nothing on the video about its ad status. When I put the "videos with limited ads" filter on, they don't show up. I'm going to hope this means that both videos were confirmed appropriate by manual review, and YouTube won't bother me about them ever again.

Great. I'd like a way to re-monetize all the other videos that got flagged as inappropriate. Also, I'd like a way to make it so my livestream is not auto-flagged as inappropriate, before I even start streaming. Right now, YouTube says my streams are inappropriate, so they don't put any ads on them at all. So it's impossible for me to make any money off of livestreaming. If I wanted to not get paid for doing livestreams, I'd use Twitch.

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Anonymous said...

twitch is paying now, you have to sign up for it. i heard one person on youtube say they pay alot better than youtube