Saturday, September 2, 2017

YouTube's Flagging System (Part 4)

I wrote the blog article for yesterday on the morning of the 24th. Around 6 AM is when I got the email from YouTube, saying they manually reviewed my Nancy Drew video and okayed it as appropriate for all advertisers.

Well, it's the evening of the 24th. Guess what? YouTube reversed its decision at some point during the day. It's back to being flagged as "inappropriate".

The awful part, as you can see, is that I can't appeal or protest this decision. They've already done a manual review of the video. I just have to hope it's a glitch in their system which gets corrected.

Something similar has happened before, with these "flagged as inappropriate content" videos. I've had a video get marked as inappropriate, and a few days later, it gets unmarked as inappropriate, even though I did nothing at all. Still, I would repeat what I said yesterday: it is not good when this happens during the first week of a video's life, the week where a video gets the most views. Why does this have to happen when a video is at its peak point for ads?


Anonymous said...

I'm not sure about other systems or browsers but the picture or screen shots you have been posting lately are not showing up for me at all so I can't see which video you are referring to. :(

Anonymous said...

If you right click and select 'view image', it should show up.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you could befriend/contact someone who works for Youtube so that they could do you a favor and look into why this happens? Now they are treating your requests as generic routine inquiries but it would be easier if you could move it to the personal level