Friday, September 1, 2017

YouTube's Flagging System (Part 3)

Another complaint I have with YouTube's flagging system is WHEN it occurs. Let me use my 2017 Foreign Nancy Drew Marathon #7: The Captive Curse (Russian) as an example.

The video was uploaded on the 19th. Sometime later that day, YouTube flagged it as inappropriate content. I asked for a manual review. Five days later, on the 24th, YouTube sent me this email.

So here's my problem: for any video I make, over 90% of views occur on the first week. If the video is in limbo, for four days on the first week, I lose a lot of potential ad revenue. Isn't there a way to still have ads on the videos, while YouTube is reviewing the video?

The weird part is that my video didn't make 1,000 views in a week, which YouTube says is mandatory for a manual review. I only got 724 views. I mean, I'm glad they reviewed my video and approved it, but still. Why isn't YouTube playing by its own rules?

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Trisha Gaurav said...

Hey Michael, Mary should try being a Girl Scout and sell cookies and cupcakes and stuff.