Thursday, September 7, 2017

Priest Game (Part 1)

Bad news! My pitches for a romance game were rejected, all four of them. They said I could go ahead and write a game on my own, and maybe they'll pick it up for production, but that sounds like a lot of work, for a possible rejection.

So tell you what. I happened to like the games I pitched. I wanna see if any of these ideas are worth salvaging. First, the Catholic priest game, tentatively titled Sexy Priest. Paul came up with that title, not me. Blame him.
You're in training to become a Catholic priest, when the Bishop puts you on assignment at the wealthiest parish in the diocese. Is this a promotion or a punishment? As you struggle to find your footing in a life outside seminary, the world is rocked when Pope announces he is removing the "mandatory celibacy for priests" rule. Suddenly, you're getting more attention than ever before from the female parishioners: women like the RCIA candidate, a single mother, your ex-girlfriend from college, and, sadly, the nasty old woman who thinks she is your boss. Will you survive this pastoral year? Because this is your life now—for better or worse.
That was my pitch, but let me flesh it out. Here are some ideas/stories off the top of my head. I'll probably have to change things a little, so they don't reflect my personal experiences as a seminarian. Otherwise, the Nasty Old Woman would probably strangle me for making her look bad.
  • Single mother: Maybe she has one-on-one time with the seminarian, because she's taking baptism classes? The father of the baby isn't in the picture at all.
  • RCIA candidate: I had to lead RCIA classes, about once every two months. Same with leading the adult education program; basically, they gave me a topic, and I had to give people a two hour lecture on it. But now that I'm thinking about it, teaching RCIA and teaching baptism classes are pretty similar. Maybe I should scrap this character, in favor of a "prepare a two hour lecture" segment instead.
  • Ex-Girlfriend: Let's make things interesting and say she's a militant atheist. Or she bears a grudge against the main character, because he dumped her to join seminary. He hasn't seen her in a while.
  • Love Interest #3: A music person?  Like, the one-woman band who picks weird songs for the 5 PM Saturday mass, but everyone's afraid to confront her. Or maybe someone from a different parish ministry, like the Legion of Mary or St. Vincent de Paul.
  • Giving homilies: There's gotta be a challenge, where the priest guy writes homilies.
  • Rival: The priest could have a friendly rival! Like, the guy who skipped ahead a year.
  • Bishop: Gotta have the Bishop in some kind of dramatic finale, right? Like, if you do badly over the course of the year, the Bishop fires you.
  • Priest Mentor: Since our hero is a priest in training, his boss is the local parish priest. They have to interact with each other. And maybe there is another priest at the parish? I dunno. Writing these characters not like their real-life counterparts could be tough...


Paul Franzen said...

We don't really have to call it "Sexy Priest"!! That's just a fun hashtag. "The Greatest of These is Love" was a good title.

Anonymous said...

Michael, I usually enjoy your posts about the Catholic faith, so I was really surprised that you would be pursuing a project which is so offensive to many Catholics. I don't see how this type of game contributes to the greater good of humanity. Making light of the beliefs of any group of people just seems wrong to me. :(

A long time fan

Anonymous said...

I like the idea (I'm getting Thorn Birds vibes) and want to see it implemented, but some religious people might find it offensive (if I were a game developer, I'd try to play safe).

Also, how to put it? I don't think many parents (religious or not) will buy a dating game for their kid. Teenagers and young adults arguably have more freedom when it comes to choosing computer games but would they find this concept interesting? If it were set in high school or college, it would be more attractive for this particular audience.

So I am rooting for this idea but I find it understandable that it was rejected by a for-profit company.