Monday, September 11, 2017

Pride and Prejudice Game

Here was my pitch for a Pride and Prejudice game:

Pride and Prejudice is a classic novel in which the rebellious Elizabeth Bennet defies convention and falls in love with the conceited nobleman Fitzwilliam Darcy. But what if that wasn't the case? What if Miss Bennet had a different personality, or what if she decided to pursue a different suitor, such as the amiable Mr. Bingley, the stuffy Mr. Collins or the villainous Mr. Wickham? Would things still end happily for Elizabeth, or would her life change forever?

I've actually got a full outline for this game; I worked on it with Diana Gray, a few years ago. We basically made a list of the important scenes of the book, as well as a list of the male characters in the book. Then we combined the two lists together, as best as we could. It's surprisingly not TOO difficult to keep the general storyline of the book the same, while having Lizzy go after a different suitor. She can still go to the Rosings estate and have drama there, whether she likes Bingley, Darcy, Wickham or Colonel Fitzwilliam.

Remember, Mr. Wickham doesn't flee the country until after the group returns from Rosings. So his pathway doesn't split off until Chapter 20. That's around the same time that Jane hears from Bingley (after he tragically was forced to leave her, against his will). So his pathway doesn't split off until late in the game, too.

We ended up with a 3 page outline, comprised of 23 scenes. That's just the general outline. We went into detail about specifics, for each of the men, so I've got a six page outline which describes each guy in detail.

We had vague ideas of doing a version, where you play as one (or more) of the men. Maybe you switch between them? In the book, Mr. Darcy's romantic interests are Caroline Bingley, Elizabeth Bennet, and Anne de Bourgh. Collins' romantic interests are the five Bennet sisters. Bingley's romantic interests are Jane Bennet, Charlotte Lucas and...anyone else? Maria Lucas? Mary Bennet? We didn't really put much thought into how a male version would go. Maybe because the guy gets to have whatever woman he wants, as long as he's rich and handsome.


Anonymous said...

This, I like

Emma said...

Ooh! I would definitely play this! (I like P&P too much)