Monday, September 4, 2017


I did a walkthrough for Odyssey. This is a science-themed game which is available for purchase on the Her Interactive website.

The game reminds most people of Myst, in that it's a first-person adventure game where you land on an abandoned island and solve a series of puzzles. Only these puzzles are all science puzzles, which focus on astronomy and gravity.

I kind of wish I had time to play through the entire game first, before recording videos for it. Island #3 is all about pendulums and gravity, and I got stuck on many of the puzzles there. I feel a little embarrassed that there's 15+ minutes of me, not understanding how to read graphs.

In my defense, I haven't had to calculate the slope of anything since high school, but still. With the first puzzle, I had to look up the solution. With the second puzzle, I semi-cheated and found the answer by asking, "What numbers in the list of possible solutions multiply against each other?", instead of interpreting the data, like you're supposed to.

I also kind of wish I spent more time, toying with the graphics. They had options life "anti-aliasing" and "look smoothing", which I didn't understand. As a result, the frame rate for the video is slow. Maybe I should have run the game in a smaller window than 1600 by 900.

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