Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Giving Blood

My Catholic church had its annual "end of summer" blood drive last week. Since it was a blood drive, happening right after Hurricane Harvey, we got some local publicity. Hopefully that means more people volunteered to give blood!

The timing wasn't ideal. I had to go during the late morning, which meant I had the baby with me. The good news is, she was very well behaved. Some of the older women I knew there were more than willing to watch her, while I was giving blood. I thought ahead and put off feeding her, so she was hungry. That way, she would be eager to drink from a bottle, and drinking babies don't cry. (Not usually. The sometimes cry WHILE eating. It's both hilarious and freaky.)

Giving blood went well, until the ending part, where they take the needle out. I felt like the temperature rose by 20 degrees in a matter of seconds. They put a cold rag on my forehead and neck and forced me to lie down for fifteen minutes. I'm pretty sure they were afraid I would pass out. The woman told me not to close my eyes, and she had me confirm my name, just to make sure I was cognizant. Sadly, she didn't ask me to confirm the year and current President; I probably would have said "Hillary Clinton", just to mess with her.

Getting back home was rough, since I wasn't able to drive. I had to walk the baby all the way. I more or less put the baby in her crib and collapsed on the bed for the rest of the day.

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Stripes said...

Hope you are ok :)