Thursday, August 10, 2017

What If Videos

The other day, I watched some "What If?" videos by MasakoX. He's a DragonBall Z fan, and he's gone through a lot of various scenarios, like "What if [big event] occurred earlier?", "What if [Villain] became a hero?" and "What if people died for real on the show, instead of being brought back to life all the time?".

Some critics say this is basically alternate universe fanfiction theater. Fair point, but I still find it interesting.

I wonder if I could do something similar for Nancy Drew. The only "What if" scenario I could think of was "What if Bess was the main character, not Nancy Drew?". Also, "what if George or Deirdre Shannon was the main character?", which is the exact same thing, only tweaked a little.

"What if Nancy didn't have a boyfriend?". Honestly, I think if Ned hadn't been introduced in Book 7, she would have been given a different guy as a generic boyfriend. Nancy and her friends all had generic boyfriends in the original series; Ned was the only one who survived the reboot. The Hardy Boys had generic girlfriends, too. They are in the reboot, but they're not dating the Hardys anymore, so they almost never show up.

"What if [Game] had a different culprit?". That could be fun! But if I did that for every game, it might be super repetitive.


Anonymous said...

This is a fun idea! There are so many you could do. (although I prefer you do the games or ND in general, as I havent read the books since I was 8 :)

What if there was never prohibition? What would have Mickey Malone have done? (and criminals in general)

What if George came out, or if it was ok to have "out" characters in the 1930s?

What if Nancy actually dated Frank? (what would have become of Joe, Bess and George?)

What if Tesla has won out, and Edison was the forgotten scientist? How would DED be different?

Anonymous said...

What if MID was actually going to come out?

Charlie said...

Michael, I'd be interested to know what you think the future of HeR Interactive will be (be any). With no products on the market in such a long time, how could the company sustain itself? In my opinion, if they don't release Midnight In Salem (which looks to be the case) by Halloween, it'll probably never happen.
I know that you don't have any more information on the subject than anyone else, I'd just like to hear your thoughts.

Stripes said...

What if Nancy came prepared for locked doors? lol

Anonymous said...

What if they had chosen someone other than Penny to be CEO :(