Thursday, August 3, 2017

Walkthroughs to Record

Here's the list of games I have, that I need to record walkthroughs for.

Phoenix Wright: Spirit of Justice: Case 5
Spirits of Mystery: The Fifth Kingdom
Edge of Reality: Lethal Predictions
Love Chronicles 2
Maestro: Dark Talent
Spirit of Revenge: Cursed Castle
Spirit of Revenge: Elizabeth's Secret
Dark Parables: Swan Princess
Spirit of Revenge: Florry's Well
Miles Edgeworth 2, Case 3?
Dark Dimensions: Blade Master
Beard in the Mirror
Other pathways in the Spy Fox games?
DOS games

I generally record whatever game is at the top of my to-do list. Let me know if there are any you want me to do, and I'll reshuffle the list accordingly.


Anonymous said...

Once you work through these can I request "A Darkside Detective" It is a humorous detective point and click adventure game to fill the ND gap. Also Thimbleweed Park was really good!

It would be cool if you did a repeating series of "FIlling the Nancy Drew void" with games that are similar to ND (maybe just reviews, not walkthroughs). A lot of people on HeR's Facebook are asking for similar games, so I think people would be interested in these kinds of videos :)

Anonymous said...

Also you should definitely play the Sherlock Holmes games for Xbox. They're really fun and are a great detective/mystery game!

H.R. Jafael said...

I would love for you to record the Carol Reed mysteries!

The 12th game just came out and theyre set in Sweden.

Pip said...

Phoenix on #1 is exactly to my liking. Seeing you play the main series is giving me massive amounts of nostalgia. Seeing you play the series was my first view of the franchise itself and it had me captured ever since.

Similar goes to Edgeworth but this game in particular is rather long, especially given your format. If you feel like it, go for it! If not, take your time.

Speaking of Edgeworth: Had there been some problems with Youtube's visibility settings? I've been staring at your account for what feels like an eternity but I never saw the last set of "Case 2" pop up until I decided to look into the playlist today.