Sunday, August 13, 2017

Shipping Wars

Another idea I had for a video series was "Nancy Drew: Shipping Wars", where I go through each game and say which characters should date each other. Because romance.

I could try to make it interactive, with Twitter polls! Like, "Message in a Haunted Mansion". I do a poll, asking if Charlie should date Nancy, Abby, Rose or No One. Same with Louis. Then for the girls, I ask if they should date Charlie, Louis or No One. I would be interested in seeing if my followers agree with my romantic preferences.

This raises the question of gay relationships. Should I include them? I don't want to be homophobic and exclude them, but on the other hand, the only Nancy Drew character who's confirmed as gay is Dagny from Sea of Darkness. There's not a lot of options for gay pairings with only one gay character.

What about phone contacts? The phone contacts in that game are Hannah, Bess and George, and the one reporter whose name eludes me now. Do they get a chance for loving, too?

I also thought there could be a "date someone from a different game" category. Maybe? Like, Hal Tanaka from "Secrets Can Kill" with Miwako from "Shadow at the Water's Edge". They are both quiet, Japanese people. That was actually the only one I could think of, but I think it'd be neat to at least have the option available. I have no idea how I could poll people on the topic, though. Maybe that'd be something for Facebook topics.

As you can see, I gave the idea some thought. I dunno if I should go through with it or not.


Anonymous said...

I always thought it was implied that abby and rose were a couple in MHM, two women with a bed and breakfast in San Francisco, just they HeR) couldnt be open about it in those days but were still trying to be inclusive and progressive.

Also, non Japanese people can date Japanese people. :)

Zanna said...

Love this idea, sounds like a lot of fun. So far, my favorite videos of yours are the "Weirdness at Waverly Academy" ones, where you use game footage to tell your own funny version of the story. It would be awesome if you did more Nancy Drew series in that style, and a romance edition would be a great place to start...

Sara Allan said...

sounds good!