Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Nancy Drew: The Phantom of Venice (German)

Game #4 in the 2017 Foreign Nancy Drew Marathon is The Phantom of Venice, in German.


. Rosie throws up on me, during the intro.
. You know how the French and German versions of the game tried to sync the audio with the animation? The person playing Colin doesn't even kind of try to do that. He will regularly talk for 5-10 seconds after the animation. So Colin will be frozen in place on the screen, while his voice actor is still talking. Occasionally, he says Nancy's lines for her, too.
. All the other voice actors are spot-on, and they're especially good at speaking German with Italian accents! I like Teenager Nancy the best.
. Helena's scream in the scene where the Phantom robs Nancy is so fake, it's hilarious.
. In the first Scopa scene, Nancy tells Enrico (in German) that she wants to speak with him in English. He agrees, and they continue speaking in German. A lot of people in the chat thought this was hilarious.
. There is no German/English translation book. That was the one thing I was wondering about, going into this game. They just make it unavailable for purchase. The "Italian to English" book is changed into an "Italian to German" book.

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