Sunday, August 6, 2017

Meta Post

I got some snarky comments on my last Old Clock Speedrunning blog post. Ha ha! I know timing games in French isn't the most easily accessible topic. So why am I writing so much about it? Two main reasons:

1. I spent hours working on the speedrun for Secret of the Old Clock. I might as well get some blog posts out of it.

2. I feel like there should be some record of what this game's timings are, for the sake of other speedrunners. Even though there are only two other people besides me who have run this game, it's useful to at least have timings on record. Otherwise, we could end up with a situation like Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake, where someone broke the world record, merely by selecting different conversation options. (It was a 12 minute improvement, so I'm guessing they did other things, too.)

Obviously, writing 40 blog posts on speedrunning the game is going a tad overboard. I think 3-10 posts is probably a good amount. I tried writing about it on Facebook, but only did about three posts. Then I got confused, because what I had on Facebook was not at all synced with what I had here on Blogger. I stopped.

Tell you what. I'll combine all my other blog posts on this topic into one blog post, so we can have it over and done with quickly. Sounds good?


Stripes said...

Wow, that person was rude. Saying what you're going to do is a perfectly logical blog post. Also, I might like to try to speedrun Old Clock sometime, after learning a lot about it from your blog posts etc. (If that's not too much like stealing your notes!) That would be my first ever attempt at a speedrun too.

Anonymous said...

I have only done a couple of serious speedruns for fun, and I know it took many playthroughs to get a workable technique going. Anyway, you make your videos funny and a real pleasure to watch. The fact that you highlighted the work that you put into the Old Clock speedrun actually made me appreciate what you do more. Besides, as the other commenter here pointed out, you made a handy instruction manual on how to speedrun the game. It also means that others can build on the time savers you've found (potentially), instead of simply wasting time on drawing conclusions you already have.

Anon said...

That was rude of whoever. Whilst I don't personally plan on doing speedrunning, the notes are always helpful.