Tuesday, August 8, 2017


The IRS is hiring for contact representatives! It's the same job I had, when Katie was on maternity leave! Basically, they're hiring people to work the phone lines.

  • Full time work that doesn't require loads of experience
  • Little competition. The number of applicants was way lower than the number of open positions, or at least, that was the case last year.
  • Unlike other jobs where you talk on the phone with customers, you can hang up on people who are verbally abusive. Customer Service Reps who have worked at other companies tell me that is wonderful. They also like how "making each phone call as short as possible" isn't the main metric you get graded on, because every phone rep has had the one customer who just won't stop talking.
  • Long training. It takes 2-3 months of classroom training, before you get to use the phones. The first month is more or less "taxes for newbies".
  • Antiquated Computer System. The IRS mainframe was built during the Kennedy Administration. That was before computers had cursors, lowercase letters or the "enter" key. You'll have to work with this old computer system. 99% of the time, you won't deal with it directly; you'll be using modern computer programs, which piggyback off the original system.
  • Unknown end date. The IRS doesn't know in advance how long the tax season will be. Last year, Congress passed a budget within one day of the deadline, or something like that.

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