Sunday, July 16, 2017


Mary and I are watching the Supergirl TV show together, and it's really good. The show strikes a balance between stereotypical girl parts (like love triangles) and stereotypical boy parts (like punching aliens). So there's something everyone can enjoy!

My favorite character is Supergirl's boss, who drops a lot of funny one-liners like "Get me a salad. I don't care what type it is, as long as there's a cheeseburger on it." Sadly, her funny one-liners got replaced by random pop culture references, which I guess are supposed to be kind of funny, but they're more self-aggrandizing than anything else.

We're currently working our way through Season One, which came out in 2016. There are some painful references to the 2016 Presidential race, between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Like one episode, with the racist politician who openly rants about aliens. Or the episode where "the walking personification of white male privilege" tries to discredit Supergirl's boss by publicly releasing her emails. Those are the more obvious examples. I have to imagine they received some backlash for interrupting the superhero cartoon with political lectures.

[Random side note: Just saw the episode where Supergirl has to disable a nuclear bomb. I paused, on the shot which shows a map of the United States, with red lights for all the places that are being bombed. The only place in Oregon getting bombed is Medford. What?]

Mary sometimes complains that the special effects are too CGI. I tried telling her that is the only type of special effects that exists, nowdays. It actually reminds me a bit of the Quidditch scenes, in the first Harry Potter movie, in that the greenscreen shots look better and more realistic than CGI shots. They should lean more heavily on that.

Overall, I'd give the show a thumbs-up. I like it so far.

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