Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Quinoa Chicken Wraps

Last week, I tried a new recipe: the quinoa chicken wrap! It wasn't actually a recipe, though. I saw something a fancy wrap recipe in a booklet, but the only ingredients I had were the quinoa and chicken. So those got upgraded to the main ingredients.

It was pretty simple. You take chicken breasts and cut them into pieces, then cook them in a frying pan. You cook the quinoa in a pan, according to the instructions on the box. Then just put them both together in a tortilla. It's basically a chicken burrito, except without any cheese and with quinoa instead of rice or beans. It tasted just fine to me!

I decided to make it again this week, only this time, I'm going to add a leaf of lettuce to each wrap, to make it even more healthy and wrap-like. I'm not entirely sure what the definition of a wrap is, and how it differs from a burrito, but it seems like most wraps include lettuce and/or tiny cheese bits. But when I went to the grocery store to get ingredients, I got stuck because I couldn't find the quinoa box. I found a bag of quinoa in the rice section, but it has more complicated cooking instructions than "boil in a pot of water like macaroni and cheese".

We'll see how it goes over. I'm pretty sure my family will like it, and I can add this to my official recipe book. The first-ever recipe in the book that I came up with myself! This is pretty amazing. Speaking of amazing cooking stuff, I found my missing recipe book! You know, the one that I was working on, before the baby was born. Now that I've got it again, I can go back to doing 1-2 new recipes a week! I found two cool recipes to try out this week, and spoiler alert: I couldn't find the correct ingredients for them at the grocery store, either.


Kaylee Roberts said...

Hi Arglefumph,
My name is Kaylee and I've been watching your Nancy Drew videos for about 7-8 years now, almost about the time you first starting making the videos! I'm currently in nursing school and still enjoy watching your YouTube channel and reading your blogs whenever I have time. Just wanted to send you a friendly "thank you" note for all the work you've put into your channel for your fans. I also liked reading your blogs about your life, family and faith. I've very much enjoyed your work, and thanks again for helping inspire laughter in the world through your jokes and funny personality on YouTube. You've definitely made a positive impact on my life, simply through your videos! Also, one question: what's the easiest way for us to know when you're going to do a livestream on YouTube? I always learn about them after the livestream is over. Thank you and best of luck,

Michael Gray said...

Thanks for the kind words! Twitter and Facebook are the best places to keep up with my livestreams! I generally post there, ahead of time.