Friday, July 21, 2017

Nancy Drew: Legend of the Crystal Skull (French)

Here's the latest video in the Foreign Nancy Drew marathon!

The French version is DEFINITELY faster than the English version, as it cuts out some of the dialogue. For example, the part where Bess tells Lamont what order to look up. According to the text box, Bess is supposed to say the number out loud, before Lamont searches through his index. The game cuts out Bess' line and goes straight to Lamont searching through the index.

Solving the graveyard puzzle was incredibly difficult, because most of the character names are puns. The only one I understood Marion Nett, or "marionette". I was able to get the names "Grant" and "Tammy Tasselman", simply because they're the same in both languages. The others were a nightmare to figure out, and I'm sure it took at least twenty minutes.

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Stripes said...

For the never early, never late one, I think Al Lheur means 'on the hour' so, 'on time' basically.