Thursday, July 27, 2017

Max Holchek Interview

The Nancy Drew podcast did an interview with Max Holchek, who worked on Nancy Drew Games 4-12. He voiced Nicholas Falcone and served as a creative director.

There were interesting tidbits in this interview! He picked out the books that they based games on, and he tried to switch genres every other game.

The thing I found most interesting? The decision to make two games a year was not the original plan of Her Interactive. It was more or less forced on them, when the publisher decided to change the price of the games. They either had to double their production or halve their staff. I'm sure fans of the series are grateful they went with doubling production.


Anonymous said...

Call me confused:

Regarding Blackmoor Manor - Mrs. Petrov tells us on the phone "when I pulled back the curtain, Linda looked absolutely normal. A little pale perhaps, but who wouldn't be, being cooped up like that."

But clearly Linda is behind the curtain because she is suffering from "the curse of Blackmoor Manor". She has hair growing and looks like a werewolf.

I don't get it.

Elizabeth Riepenhoff said...

She may only be growing hair on her arms, and perhaps had them covered up at the time?