Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Insurance (Part 2)

Yesterday, I explained that insurance is cheaper, when a lot of people are buying it, but not using it. Prices are higher if people are using it a lot, or if only a few people are buying it.

This is why childbirth insurance is expensive. Pretty much no one gets it, except for pregnant women. It's an unfortunate combination of not many people buying it, and almost everyone in the insurance pool using it. When I say "not many people" get that health insurance, I'm speaking relatively. Obviously, millions of women give birth. But the percentage of the general population who gives birth any particular year is low, compared to, say, the percentage of people who watch the Superbowl.

This is also why the government runs the Medicare program, for people who are 65 and older. Statistically speaking, people at that age are very likely to need healthcare. By putting all those people in their own separate program, it lowers the cost of healthcare for everyone else. When you don't count senior citizens, that lowers the number of people using healthcare.

I personally think we should renamed "Medicaid" as "elder care" or something like that, because as it stands now, "Medicaid" sounds a lot like "Medicare", and people get the two confused all the time. Medicare is healthcare for poor people, who normally can't afford healthcare. The idea is that this increases the number of people who buy insurance but don't use it, making prices go down. I personally think Medicare's effect on the price of healthcare is more or less irrelevant; we should provide Medicare to people who otherwise couldn't get healthcare, because it's the right thing to do. Jesus commands us to help the sick as a corporal work of mercy.


Nellie said...

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Anonymous said...

Medicare is for the elderly, Medicaid (ie aid, assistance) is for the poor.

Maybe they could make childbirth insurance cheaper if they made men pay too. It is their baby, even if it isnt their body :) so they have a vested interested in the wellbeing of the child

They should at least lower the age for Medicare to 40, which is when people start using health care more often. Most people under 40 go without because they almost never go to the doctor. The over 40s make the under 40s health insurance super expensive, so the under 40s dont buy it, and then the rates go up even more.

To be honest, when you look at the countries that have healthcare for all, it is embarrassing the USA doesnt have it.