Monday, July 17, 2017

Book Reviews

Okay, now that my Amazon Kindle Unlimited subscription has run out, I can stop reading Sweet Valley High books. I feel like that's all I've read so far this year, after reading 33 books in six months.

I've recorded the audio for all my Sweet Valley High reviews at this point; I just need to pick out pictures and sync them to the audio. My wife and I joke that my book reviews are glorified PowerPoint presentations. The reviews I'll have, when I'm done, are books 52 53 57 59 67 79 81 83 91 94 99 100 105 112 126 127 128 129 130 131 141 142 and 143.

The only non-Sweet Valley High book reviews I have ready are Hardy Boys Casefiles 6 and 17 and Baby-Sitters Club 37-39, plus Baby-Sitters Super Special 5. I wrote reviews for the next four River Heights books, but I haven't recorded them yet. I find it amazing that there are only four River Heights books after this. I'm gonna finish that series relatively soon! Maybe. Or maybe Sweet Valley High's huge backlog will get in the way. Maybe I'll Facebook ask my fans how to proceed.

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