Thursday, June 8, 2017

Vertical Game

On the latest episode of "Oh, A Podcast", we mentioned game resolutions. I want to do something wacky, like make a game with a triangle-shaped screen. More realistically, a game with a vertical screen could work! Instead of a game that's 640 by 480, why not a game that's 480 by 640?

Well, okay, people don't do that, because most computer monitors aren't shaped like that. A couple of phone games are, though.

I can't think of any real reason for doing a vertical game, though. Like...would it be a game where you're trying to go up (or down)? Is it maybe a double-decker game? Like, it's an apartment building, and you can see two apartments at the same time for some reason. I remember hearing that they used to do double-decker stage plays with religious themes, where Heaven is on the upper deck and Earth is on the lower deck.

I dunno. I think the idea of a vertical adventure game is neat, but I can't think of a strong reason for it besides "it'd be a neat gimmick".

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