Saturday, June 10, 2017

Random DBZ Fanfic

The other day, I had the idea to write a DragonBall Z fanfic, where Frieza and Gohan have high school romance drama. I'm not sure why. The idea seemed hilarious to me, at the time.

Well, here's the start of the story. It's not polished at all, and I probably won't continue it, because I don't have time. Still, I'll add it to my pile of unfinished fanfics.


Deep in HFIL, Frieza was meditating on his favorite topic: Goku. Why hadn't Frieza been able to kill that wretched Saiyan? Was there was a problem with his final form?

Maybe that was it. Maybe four final forms wasn't enough. Frieza needed a new final form. Something purple and gold, but shiny like a car's hubcap.

No, that was a terrible idea. Maybe a form that was dark and scary, like Dodoria's mother-in-law.

Frieza was startled out of his thoughts by the sound of clanging. He looked up to see King Yemma, opening the door to Frieza's prison cell.

"Okay, Frieza," King Yemma said. "Two of your followers are bringing you back to life. We gotta let you go."

"I've been dead for ten years," Frieza said. "Why would it take my followers THAT long to bring me back? Unless it was those two incompetent goons..."


Frieza suddenly found himself on Earth. Two giant smiling faces blocked his view.

"It worked!" Tweedledee said. "It worked! He's back!"

Tweedledum hugged Frieza. Frieza instinctively threw Tweedledum through the nearest mountain.

"Your wish is granted," Shenron the Eternal Dragon said. "What about your second wish?"

"I know this!" Tweedledee said. "For our second wish, we want Frieza to be stronger than--"

"Whoa, stop!" Frieza ordered. He cleared his throat. "I'll, uh, I'll take it from here."

"But Lord Frieza! We were going to wish for you to be stronger than Goku!"

"Goku's dead," Frieza snapped. "He's no longer the strongest person on this pathetic excuse for a planet. The strongest person is the universe is now Goku's son, Gohan."


"Yes, but Gohan's power is only triggered by emotions. Anger. Fear. And the most powerful emotion: Love." Frieza turned his attention to Shenron. "Eternal Dragon! Is Gohan in love with anyone?"

Shenron's eyes flared. That was an unexpected question. "Uh, there's this one girl named Videl who he has a secret crush on, but..."

"Perfect!" Frieza said. "Then I want the ability to turn into her, whenever I want!"

"Uh...okay," Shenron said. "It is finished! Now please don't bother me again."

Frieza smiled as Shenron disappeared. His new final form would be Gohan's undoing!

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