Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Potatoes Anna

In River Heights #11, Karen makes a dish called potatoes anna. I've never heard of that before, so I looked it up. It's a layered potato platter which looks fancy. I tried making it myself, and it ended up being potato chips drowned in butter. Delicious, but not what it's supposed to be!

The recipe calls for six potatoes, peeled and cut into thin slices. In reality, it was three potatoes. The slices are supposed to be a quarter inch at most.

You coat a ten inch skillet with butter. Then you put the potato slices in the skillet. Start in the center and make an overlapping circle design until you've got the pan covered. Add salt/pepper as seasoning, if you want. Coat the layer with butter.

Repeat this twice, so you've got three layers of potato slices, with butter. The recipe calls for 1 1/2 tablespoons butter for each layer, which is a LOT of butter.

The recipe says to heat the dish on a stove until the butter sizzles, at this point. I couldn't do that, because I don't have a skillet. Also, I don't have a butter brush. So I cooked the butter in a microwave bowl and poured it on the potatoes. Maybe that's why the recipe came out wrong for me.

You cook it in the over at 450 for an hour or so. The potatoes should fuse together. Take a spatula and flip it upside down, onto a plate. You cut it into wedges, like a pie. When I tried this, the potato slices all fell apart. Like I said, it ended up being potato chips, drowned in butter. Oh well.

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